Heroic Hagara?

Bug Report

My guild is beginning to progress into Heroic Hagara. According to the dungeon journal, the chained lightning is supposed to deal 20k per second. However, we examined our logs, and we are taking 29k+ damage. This is me as Tank, who has 10% DR (from Protection Stance), as well as the 15% debuff, and the 195 Nature Resist spread to everyone.

I am only being chained Once, as we are splitting ourselves appropriately, and Tranquility + Paladin cooldowns. Both healers together were doing 46.5k HPS.

While it is completely possible this is an isolated issue, and we are unadjusted to the damage posed by this fight, a guild member felt that these numbers did not add up, as it appears to, and so it is possible that there is a bug associated.

Is there a known bug? Or is it just our failure in adjusting?
The specific name of the damage is "Crystal Conductor's Lightning Conduit, -29.1k (15.0%)"

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