T13 4pc and Arcane

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At this point in time, I only know how to play Arcane. I'll be switching my other spec to Fire soon enough. In the meantime, as you can see, I don't have the 4pc. Well, I technically do, but I had dropped the LFR tier shoulders for some 410s. Well, I just picked up the LFR gloves, so I could theoretically drop the 397 VP gloves for the 384 tier, thus giving me a 4pc.

What I'm wondering is: how important is the 4pc to Arcane? If I'm reading it correctly, it reduces the cooldown on Arcane Power. The problem there is I'm supposed to line up Arcane Power with a burn phase. So does this just ensure I can do a sustained-phase Arcane Power in between burn phases? Is the 4pc that good for Arcane? If so, how does it effect my usage of AP during a normal boss fight?

Thanks, just trying to wrap my head around this.
I find the 4pc pretty dam good when i can use it properly ( some fights are just hater )

I dont know the exact math for it as a DPS gain, but if you use it aggresivly you can use AP 3 times per cycle.
It pretty much enables you to cast Arcane Power during your Conserve phase for a bit of extra damage in that phase.

Not sure if you can do it twice in a single Conserve phase, but you can certainly use it once.
The 4p T13 gives 500 haste at 10 stacks, which is important also!
04/30/2012 06:46 AMPosted by Ruleon
The 4p T13 gives 500 haste at 10 stacks, which is important also!

I believe it's the 2pc bonus that gives the haste.

So I guess I'll need to run a number of 5min tests to see whether the 4pc bonus for Arcane is worth dropping the gloves from 397 to 384.

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