One Shot or DC 8/8 heroic, 5/8 group 2

10 man raid group looking for a ranged DPS to join for secondary raiding team. Raids are Saturday 8-11:00 or later and Sunday 8-11. We are 5/8, if you have been wanting to break into raiding here is your chance!

We are laid back but expect members to be respectful and show up ready to raid on these nights. Cauldrons/Feasts and repairs are provided by the guild.

No application is required as we can pretty much figure out if you are the right fit or not fairly quick. We do ask that you do a trial run with us.

Contact me or Papilindo in game if you would like more details.
We raid sundays? wut.
Random posts on a lvl 24 alliance toon...only our GM is challanged we swear.
It could have been a level 1.
Welcome to the server!
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. One of the reasons we moved is because we thought this realm was very friendly. It's nice to know we were not wrong.
Yes, welcome to the server! :)
Just avoid shado. He'll hump you.
I know a couple of people that would be ok with that.
Welcome GL in your progress and welcome to the realm.
bump, still looking for a priest
need a boomkin?
Interested Mentalcow please talk to myself or Cuppee in game. If I have time I'll make an alt over there so we can chat.
Bump for friends. :D
Need 2 healers, 2 mdps and 2 rdps for our second group. This group will be starting heroics as soon as it is made.
Bump- updated

Need two healers and a tank for Group 2 runs Saturday and Sunday nights from 7:30pm to 11pm EST.

Also recruiting any and all pvp'ers for bgs, arenas and forming a team for rated bgs.

Also looking for a Hunter, DPS shaman or Priest(heals or dps) for core group runs.
Bump for update

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