Good Ole Dazzik

I wen't on this crazy adventure on the Zul'Jin Forums today.. I saw pointless posts about sever leaders. Some noob lord posted "." As a title with "." Contained inside the thread. Lot's of pointless references from some Mclovin paladin nerd. And simply it made Dazzik sad ;(

Does it really come to this?
I simply thought i would see a crazy 2200 elitist French men, fight the 2200 English man.
No more arguments about arena losses?
No more posts about servers highest dps?
Or how about some 15 year old upsetting the French men by raiding Stormwind with three raid groups?
Not even a little smidgen of hatred anywhere in site...
there's no ' in went.
It seems that you are jealous of my prestigious reputation on this server.

Guess you're not as dumb as I thought you were.

p.s. when you said "from" you meant "to".
the 2200 french and the 2200 english men have joined forces theres no hope now.
05/01/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Lathendros

I turned into a level 1troll mage and i don't know where i am ;(

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