Looking to come to Proudmoore!!

Firstly - yes I read the threads.

Was doing a 25 LFR with some lovely chaps, and they said, VISIT THE FORUMS... so here I am

Looking to join a gay/lesbian/transgender/bisexual guild horde side!!

I live in Australia, so from what I've been told looking for guilds that raid EARLY MORNING like 2am onwards...

I have a variety of healing toons (favourite class) from 8/8H to 1/8H (alts etc etc)

Can someone point me in the right direction??

Cheers xoxo
No GLBT guilds that raid oceanic times?? How sad :((

9. Lot of Raid Guilds recruiting. They won't reply on your personal threads on these forums but if you apply on their personal websites or their forum posts, you stand a good chance of being recruited if they need your class and you're as good as you should be.

There are a bunch of long term guilds, Horde side, from the various Taint guilds, to Thorns of Grey, Terror Australis, GoW, Mythical, Undecided, Carpe Jugulum, and more.

I know nothing about the Horde side but I would guess Taint is big enough to have things going on pretty much all day and they are GLBT. Not 100% sure about the other ones but do some research, you have a lot of information in the FAQs.
Ginjack from La Familia De Stonewall could probably help. :-)
05/13/2012 08:24 AMPosted by Terra
No GLBT guilds that raid oceanic times?? How sad :((

Horde raiding guilds:

I don't think any that self-identify as GLBT raid at oceanic times.

Most guilds on Proudmoore accept GLBT members. You might a bit out of place if you're, say, constantly hitting on all of the straight boys, but most guilds on P'moore are accepting.

Go through some of the profiles here and search for Aussie guilds: Carpe Jugulum is Aussie, and I would assume Terror Australis is as well. Might want to make a low level and ask in trade.
Cheers for the advice - yes I read the FAQ.

I will make an alt, cheers for that :)

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