Anyone pvp heal WITHOUT mods?

Mouseover macros and proper keybinds?
04/29/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Cayse
Mouseover macros and proper keybinds


Also, binding hand of reckoning to holy shock is worth many lulz.
04/29/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Cayse
Mouseover macros and proper keybinds?

What I was going to say. It's not how I heal (Clique+Grid), but it's how I would had I no addons.
It's how I actually heal. >.>
use f1 f2 f3 etc to target partners and press your keybinds for heals
for rbgs, use mouse over macros or just target by clicking raid frames then pressing your keybinds for heals

also why would you want to macro hand of reckoning to holy shock? if you are healing, holy shock should be used only on your teammates. plus, it would probably better if you macro'd it to judgement as they share the same CD and almost the same range
and i was thinking you would use hand of reckoning on frost mage pet when he starts to poly you ... or any other pet in a match that has cc's that break from damage
Once upon a time you used it for killing totems and for nuking pets. How things have changed.
I used to heal in BGs without addons period.

All that winning permanently made me expect to be able to win all the time. Such, sadly, is not the case. :<

Edit: Hand of reckoning works wonderfully on pets of all kinds. Got a mage's Water ele beating your friend up? Just call it a useless jerk and it'll punch you too! A Hunter's wolf biting your friend's jewels? Call it useless and it'll bite yours too! Even works on ghouls! :D
The point of macroing Hand of Reckoning to your judgement is because they have similar range and cooldown. If you judge a pet and they try to CC you and forget to make the pet stop attacking you then they just ruined their own CC.

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