If you could Opt-out of an Arena

Sewers < Ruins < Blades < ROV (Im a hunter) < Nagrand
RoV < Blade's Edge < Dalaran < Ruins <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Nagrand

I'd remove all of them except Nagrand and replace them with reskins of Nagrand.
I have always hated ruins or lorderon, for 1 the the tomb in the middle is just the most annoying thing ever as a warrior because of how damn easy for the healer to just sit on it the whole game and los everything and I can never get a freaking charge inturupt off. Also I have just always had terrable luck on that one.

I dont know why everyone is hateing on rov, its one of my favorite ones. It is great for warriors because of all the open space and it actually requires healers to run back and forth from pillar to pillar to stay los which brings them in the open for a short duration leaveing them open for easy cc's and inturupts.

Hey guys I'll open on that lock super hard. Jk he's standing on a downed pillar on top of his port and I can't warrior charge him.
RoV by far.

Annoying moving pillars and falling through the ground due to glitches is coo'.

My second one I'd opt out of is blades edge arena.

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