6/8H 402ilv Frost/blood DK LFG

Guild Recruitment
Lots of experience in almost every raid enviornment.

Looking for a core spot in a estb. 25m guild that doesnt have attendance problems.

Also looking for a guild that does alt runs and raids old content as well.

I play almost everynight and love to raid.

Transfer is fine allaince is what i have played for many years but up for a change to horde for the right Guild

I have 4 lvl 85 toons

Other include

396 ilv Prot Pally
396 ilv Arcane Mage
390 ilv Fury Warrior

Real ID : Ravonlft@yahoo.com
if intersted post here or real id me
We're currently recruiting for our 25man Heroic DS progression, with that in mind we've also opened recruitment for MoP preparations.

We have been a guild since vanilla and started clearing 25mans during WoTLK. We have remailed friendly, stable, sociable and drama free. Also, always looking to pick up players who think our guild would be a good long term fit.

We are 6/8 heroic and We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:45pm-12 EST

^ here is my recruitment topic, check it out for more detailed information.
Immortal-Lighting's Blade is looking for some more range dps

A few things to know about us:

8/8HM 25m Heroic DS (6/8 pre 5%) - Server First
7/7HM 25m (10 HRag Kills before Geyser Nerf) - Server FirstT
12 13/13HM
T11 12/12HM ICC (multiple invincibles)

We have been a raiding guild since Molten Core (the guild just turned 7)

Wowprogress page here

US:36 T13 (25man)
US:37 T12 (25man)
US:60 T11 (25man)

Being 7/7HM last tier while it was relevant and 6/8+HM is a plus.

Currently looking for someone with 4/8H+ exp (prenerf) Good logs and HM ready gear are a must. You need to know how to play your class.Our Raid times are Monday - Thursday 7:00 - 11:00 EST

Tossing up an app at our website helps us look up logs, prior exp etc, and it will EXPEDITE the process, all apps are private and viewable by officers only
apply http://immortallb.wowstead.com/

or Pst Zaiki, Scynnd or Pustulioo in game or you can speak with a recruitment officer if they are on.

Real IDs to get ahold of us:
Zaiki - loyal0wnage@hotmail.com
Scynnd - dstock22@gmail.
Pustulioo - knight_wolf_9@yahoo.com

Thank you for taking the time to look at our guild. :)
still looking
We're currently recruiting a DPS with a viable Tank Off-spec for 2 tank fights. If you happen to fit this criteria, feel free to view our guild's forum post, and/or tallk to me through Real-ID or via whispers in game on Deathwing Horde on my character Exwhy or Xyphite.

Real-ID: ShoutaKuroda@gmail.com

Forum Post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3710771734
We could use an experienced rogue like you. Here is a little bit about us. Please add me to RealId if you are interested in talking. Thanks :)

Team Elite of Galakrond is looking to recruit a skilled Dk Tank for a core raid spot. We are a guild very dedicated to raiding and want players with the same mindset. Currently 6/8h DragonSoul.

Current needs:
Dk Tank(100% attendance or very close to it)

We take raiding seriously but also have a laid back environment where we don't try to put people down or insult them. We believe strongly in working together to succeed

Raid Schedule:
Tues, Thur, Friday @ 830pm PST (1130 EST)

Contact Strixx, Alarris, Phrosen, Lysergia, or Lilnazty in game if you are interested. Thanks


<Death Jesters> of Stormrage are looking for excellent players to finish Cataclysm and kill pandas.

About us:
Formed January 27th, 2005, we are the oldest and one of the most respected raiding guilds on Stormrage. We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded 25man guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and seconds. Many of us know each other in real life, think of each other as friends and family. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easymode nerfs.

Our reserved days/hours for raiding are Mon-Thurs (8-11:00 EST). Typically we raid anywhere between 10-12 hours per week, with Friday to Sunday always reserved as off days.

Current Progression
8/8 HMs (Morchok, Yorsahj, Zon'ozz, Hagara, Ultraxion, Warmaster, Spine, Madness)


If you believe you have what it takes and are looking for a new home rather than just a new guild, continue reading.

What we offer you:

-We can offer you a very stable guild with a history that pre-dates World of Warcraft. In over seven years of raiding, we have never been close to falling apart, and we will be around until the game dies.

-We can offer you a guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, opinions, and strategies.

-We offer a raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism.

-We offer a raiding guildbank to help our raiders. Repairs, enchanting materials, feasts, flasks, and other miscellaneous items are all provided for you.

-We have a friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere.

-We can offer you a guild in which you will get as much back as you put in.

What we want:

-We want players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We do not want players that log on only for a raid. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. If you are looking for a guild ONLY to raid with and collect loot, this guild is not for you. We are a guild of team players. We play this game for ourselves and our teammates.

-We want people looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here.

-Nobody wants to be the weak link in our chain; everyone strives to be the best. We want players that knew how to spread out on C'thun, move on Thaddius and Heigan, who killed their constructs with ease, and have never cratered. We want players with situational awareness, players that can use their healthstone, and that aren't afraid to admit they made a mistake in order to improve upon it.

We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. Additional information about us can be found on our website at http://www.death-jesters.net/

Our recruitment information can be visited on our forums: http://www.death-jesters.net/boards/viewforum.php?f=3

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Clarendon, Moonfaxx, Sparty (RealID: spartysmallwood@gmail.com), or email djapps@gmail.com.

We wish you the best in your guild search!
<Kinetic> of Frostmane is a well established guild dating back to 2005. Formerly a top 100 guild, with many members still around from the original core. Kinetic is now a hardcore raiding guild with casual hours. We raid as hard as any other guild you will find, but stay within our allotted 12 hour week.

Previously our two 10man cores were clearing 8/8H in about 2 hours (finishing the tier 50th and 85th in the US respectively), we have now made the switch back to 25mans, and are still clearing DS in one night.

We run an extremely small roster, and don't recruit for the bench.

Currently we are recruiting the following:

1 Hunter

1 Death Knight (frost or UH)
would consider a stellar rogue or arms warrior instead

However if you feel you are an exceptional player feel free to apply non the less.

Applicants should have a minimum of 6/8H DS experience, and be able to play off-specs competently when called upon to do so.

Raid times are Tuesday to Thursday 530-930 PST

Apply at: www.kineticguild.net

Or speak with Gorno or Nerv in game if you have further questions.

If you're looking to clear content, but not sacrifice to much outside of WoW, we could be the guild for you.
Greetings and salutations Darkdravon. We are LF a dps DK. We raid Sat/Sun 1-5pm pst. We are recruiting for 25s and are 4/8H DS. You can look us up at www.sodalityofthecairns.com or realid me at natersmater@yahoo.com. Best of luck on your search.
Real Id: Causalxxlinkxx@gmail.com

The Professionals: Wyrmrest Accord
PvE / West Coast server
10 man progression guild recruiting to do 25 man raiding in MoP
Guild Level 25

The Professionals is an established guild on Wyrmrest Accord, we formed in Late Wrath and have grown into an end game guild that pushes for the new content. We are a low drama guild that posts what we expect from our members clearly and will replace those not living up to that our standards. We are currently looking for some new blood to add to our roster.

Raid Times (All raid times are PST):
-Tuesday, Thursday - 7 pm to 10pm
-Sunday - 7 pm to 10pm
-Monday - 7 pm to 10pm

Current Openings:

Exceptional Apps Always Considered.

- Team Player: Guild progression comes first
- 90% raid attendance for Raider rank, 90%% for Core and above
- You must have Mumble and a working microphone
- Be knowledgeable of your class. Know how to listen. Be an asset.
- Know all fights before you get there. If you haven't raided it before go watch a video and read the posted strategies.

Server First Heroic Madnesss

Loot Council is used for loot. We believe that the loot is not yours, it's the raids. Whatever helps the raid helps everyone.

Guild support:
- Guild Vault provides Cauldrons, Feasts, Potions, Gems, and Enchants for Core Raiders
- Compensation added for people who help with supplies at start of expansion

Dual specs:
All raiders are required to have 2 raiding specs with appropriate gear.

In game contacts:
Jace, Barfington, Surrender
If you wish to find out status of your application look for me in game or send me a PM on the forums.

Also, Since this is for the next expansion, you do not have to pay money to transfer. Gear means nothing, so if you wished to just level a fresh toon, and see if you fit in or not :)
If you are interested in 10 man keep reading, if not good luck.

Guild: Epic
Server: US Turalyon (PvE) - EST Time Zone
Raiding Schedule 10 Man (Group 3)*Top Progressed*:
Friday, Saturday, and Monday
(8:30PM PST to 11:35PM PST)
(9:30PM MST to 12:35AM MST)
(10:30PM CST to 1:35AM CST)
(11:30PM EST to 2:35AM EST)
Website: http://www.epic-guild.net/
World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/196034/
WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Epic

» Managing our raids:
Epic handles raiding differently from what most people have experienced in other guilds. In keeping with the golden rule, Real Life Comes First, we strive to maintain a consistent level of progression. Alongside this we strive to maintain a raiding environment that meets the needs of most if not all of our members. Epic has 3 raiding groups, all 10 mans. I am recruiting for the most progressed group.

» What we can offer you:
We are neither a casual nor a hardcore raiding guild. If you are looking for a team that approaches raiding professionally while maintaining a fun atmosphere, we may be the place for you. We are a mix of college students, working professionals, husbands/wives, and generally people from all walks of life. We are a friendly atmosphere, dramaless, social, and active guild.

» What we expect from you:
We are a respectful guild and as such tolerate 0 drama. You are encouraged to get to know the other members quickly. Applicants who do this and play well usually have a much quicker application process. We expect 90% attendance and a prior date if you can't make it. Please have a sense of humor!

» Loot System:
Suicide Kings is a priority loot system. It is a list of the raid members that consistently show up for raiding in your guild. Whoever is on top of the list gets priority over someone below them no questions asked. Once someone gets a piece of gear they "commit suicide" and move straight to the bottom of the list. It is a simple way to distribute loot quickly and efficiently in a raid, no waiting on bids or rolling etc...

»Mist of Pandaria Plans:
We will continue to be one of the most active guilds on the server. With our superb reputation on the server, we are well known and plan to be, like our previous expansions. We have always dominated both PvE and PvP content, and plan to achieve that goal again.

» Progression: [X] Normal - [+] Heroic - [A] AchievementFirelands 7/7 Normal 6/7 Heroic Bethtilac [X][+] Shannox [X][+] Lord Rhyolith [X][+]
Alysrazor [X][+] Baelroc [X][+] Majordomo Staghelm [X][+]
Ragnaros [X]
Dragon Soul 8/8 Normal 6/8 Heroic 3rd plate Morchok [X][+] Warlord Zon'ozz [X][+][A]
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping [X][+][A] Hagara the Stormbinder [x][+][A]
Ultraxion [X][+] Warmaster Blackhorn [X][+]
Spine of Deathwing [X][A] Madness of Deathwing [X]
As of 4 - 28 - 2012 we are recruiting the following roles/classes. These spots are for immediate needs, you will NEVER EVER BE BENCHED. You will have a guaranteed raiding spot!
  • 1 Blood DK Tank
  • 1 Disc/Holy Priest
  • Even though your class isn't listed, we never turn down good applicants. All exceptional applications will be considered. If you are casual just whisper an officer in-game for an invite. If you are interested as a raider please apply at our website: http://www.epic-guild.net/

    Contact Me:

    Battle Tag: Dev#1114
    Real ID: ricebowlsnomnom@gmail.com
    Xfire: Flawlesse

    Characters you can whisper: Dêviant, Pêrsevere, Avêrsion,

    Link directly to our application:
    <Blasting off Again>

    25man 6/8HM Late Night PST Guild. Solid Progression on Spine. (3rd Plate 2nd lift every attempt)
    Solid group of people who enjoy vulgarity and everything in between. we all enjoy long walks on the beach and doing lines of !Co-Caine! off each others bodies. (Example) We all give 110% percent when its raid time! while managing to have fun.
    Have solid attendance we do count on every raider to be available every raid night but we do understand things come up.
    Give you're all during raid bare minimum will not be accepted here.

    Monday - Thursday 10PM-1AM PST.

    <Needs/Core Spots>
    Arcane/Fire Mage. (Immediate Need)
    Balance Druid, Restoration Druid.
    Frost/Unholy Death Knight(Immediate Need)
    Discipline Priest.
    Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration Shaman
    Survival Hunter.
    FAIR! Loot Council.

    <Contact us / Apply!>
    RealID: Davie.Chavez@yahoo.com / Spyware.doc@gmail.com
    Site: BlastingoFFAGain.net
    <Red Dragon Society> is a late night guild recruiting for 25m progression! We are a home for serious players who can't make common raid times and still wish to progress through end game content. We're definitely looking for players who want to have a stable environment come the expansion.

    Server: Bonechewer - Pacific Standard Time - PVP
    Schedule: Monday - Thursday 10:15 pm-1:30 am pst
    Guild Created: November 2008
    Progression: 6/8H(13 minute encounter should have spine down this week!)


    RDS strives to maintain a professional and friendly environment that encourages teamwork and enjoyable progression. Regardless of skill, a player with a bad attitude is a negative influence. As such, we will not tolerate players who are disrespectful of others, hostile, or extremely negative. You may be the most skilled player in WoW, but if you are a jerk, don’t apply.

    Some players take it upon themselves to police other players and belittle them. Such policing and chastisement is the job of the officers and RDS believes most policing is best done with whispers and conversation not yelling and name-calling. As such, if you think there is a problem, bring it to an officer’s attention. In addition, we run RDS for ALL the members of RDS not for just you. So if you are planning to put your in game needs over the guild's needs, look elsewhere.


    Regular and on-time attendance is important for all raiders. However, in order to be considered for Senior Raider status you must be online and available for at least 3 of our 4 primary raid nights.

    We realize that occasionally real life issues may prevent you from attending. In those cases it is required that Senior Raiders notify the guild by posting on the forums or contacting an officer. Failure to be reliable is grounds for demotion.

    Raid Preparation:

    All Raiders should be fully prepared for a raid encounter. This includes but not limited to having extra flasks, potions, food, researching the encounter, etc... We do provide flasks for the guild and food buffs. However if you miss them you are required to have your own and be fully prepared.

    We fully understand that some new recruits will never have done the encounter before. We will post all the details on the fight on our forums so it is your responsibility to review them. If you do not understand something please feel free to ask any member in the guild. No question is a stupid one even if you think it is. We would prefer you asking a million questions over getting the raid killed because you don't understand something.

    Loot Distribution: EPGP

    We use a loot distribution system called EPGP (Effort Points/Gear Points). We feel it is the best loot distribution system developed so far in terms of fairness. More information on the system, as well as our implementation of it can be found in the forums. Although not required, the EPGP add-on is recommended. EPGP Guidelines

    Gear Requirement: 395+ ilvl

    We're always looking for skilled players regardless of the ilvl. However we are looking for players to help us progress with.

    Class Needs:

    All exceptional DPS should feel free to apply!

    1 Unholy DK
    1 Rogue
    1 Arms/Fury Warrior
    1 Resto Shaman
    1 Holy Paladin
    1 Holy Priest or Resto Druid
    1 Mage

    *Note* We're always looking for players with high experience and skill. So even if your class isn't listed please feel free to apply and we'll for sure let you know.

    Please apply at our website or contact any officer on the server Bonechewer.
    You may also contact me via real id zofu316@gmail.com or hollon81@yahoo.com
    Still havent found the right guild, would really like to stick with my DK, as my main i can tank or dps or both.
    Anyone else out there needing a frost DPS or a blood tank
    My guild's very interested in having you, please talk to me through real-id, I just sent you an add.

    Our guild's forum post is here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3710771734

    if you didn't receive the real-id add, mine is: ShoutaKuroda@gmail.com
    Guild Name: Massacre
    Server: Turalyon (PVE) EST
    Raid Times: 8:45pm-Midnight EST - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Loot System: DKP (Closed Bidding)
    Website: http://massacre-turalyon.guildlaunch.com
    Atmosphere: Adult
    Progression: 6/8H 25-man

    About Us:
    We are a mature progression-oriented 25-man raiding guild. Our core has been together for years helping to provide a stable raiding environment to be enjoyed by all members. Our raid leaders prepare heavily to help prepare for upcoming encounters to ensure our valuable raid time is well spent. If you want to be part of fun group of people that also get stuff done this could be the place for you!

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me in game or through real id (emaleighwow@gmail.com)

    we have a core raiding spot for you,

    Guild Light was founded in March 2012 on the server dawnbringer,We put people before gear,it doesn't matter what level or how much dps your doing or what not ,we will help you get up there,we are a very helpful guild,

    we are willing to raid at least 3 days a week and could go up to 5 days a week,3 is more likely,we havent started raiding yet,but we want to,we have a nice core for raiding of 5 players which are well geared for raiding,at this time we are looking for more,
    we want to raid 10 and 25 man raids,

    we have experience,our Guild leader and Officers,have experience in raids and wow,most of the officers/guild leader have been playing at least 7 years,our goals are very high we want to beat the best progression that is out there,we Raid to have fun,we enjoy having fun in all aspects of wow,

    We are a guild that offers stability, effective leadership,group of like-minded players who love to have a good time,we have a nice base of players 200+ members we are gearing the ones that want to Raid,

    recruiting HIGH PRIORITY:-Death Knight-Druid-Hunter-Mage-Paladin-Rogue-Shaman-Warlock-Warrior-Priest

    Contact,Mazula,Mazira Officer or a nother Officer by in game Duxxi,Lightofhope,aepryldaun,if no officer is online please send in game mail or email which ever works for you,please apply at our website: http://guildlight.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=260533 we dont require you to log on to website daily or anything if your in the guild but you must apply there and go threw the process,if you get in the guild,you dont have to mess with the website,you can also email Mazula/Mazira at xavierfan4424@yahoo.com note that email is not the real id email of Mazula/Mazira,

    I look forward to talking with you.
    I have a few apps in but still looking,

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