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Hello Hyjal,

My wife and I recently relocated here on our return to WoW. We both love the server as it is far more active than our old realm. We were originally Horde then swapped to Alliance for awhile and now we're back home as Horde. We have had success as leadership in multiple guilds in the past and we thought we'd just start from scratch here - but obviously it takes quite a bit to level a guild from the beginning and that leads to difficulty in getting much interest due to lack of perks etc.

So, we transferred our old guild here in the hope of finding other adult players that might be looking for a calm place to have fun in-game. We're currently level 15.

We are EST based, we plan on having guild runs on Fri / Sat evening & Sun before evening - read 3pm server for start time. As we're more concerned with preparing for MoP than we are with raiding or experiencing that much more of Cataclysm content - we don't care what level your characters are or what your item level is.

We are more interested in finding people that enjoy doing things as a team instead of rolling the dice with the dungeon / raid finder. We also don't care if you just want to log on and solo / level an alt - we've always had a low pressure environment focused more on the fun factor than anything else.

So if you're interested in joining or learning more about us - please don't hesitate to whisper any of us in game, leave us a mail or message via the guild recruit request in-game. We are looking for adult players 21+ who have a basic understanding of their class / role in a group setting - other gaming couples would be welcomed especially.

Thanks a lot for reading my wall of text - and see you in game.

Dumuzi & Ansoph
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