25M DS Every Tue/Thurs@7:30pm (Server Time)

<Resolute> will be hosting a calendar based 25 man DS every Tue/Thurs@7:30pm - 11pm (server time) from this week (5/1/12) until MoP comes out. We currently plan to start off doing 8/8 Normal Mode bosses, and do Heroic Modes as soon as we can get a stable group going. A good portion of this raid will be guild, we're just looking for people to fill in some spots.

Here's a little of our guild history for those who are wondering who we are: <Resolute> is a lvl 25 man guild that transferred to Stormrage from a low pop server. We were mainly a 10 man guild and our core has been playing together for a little over 2 expansions. We've been through ups and downs just like any other guild and we're looking for a better raiding experience than offered by our previous server. Our ultimate goal is to eventually get enough people to end up going 25 man for a Hardcore style Raiding guild in MoP. By doing a calendar based run, it is our hope that we will meet some people who share our same goals, and who we enjoy raiding with to fill our spots, maybe joining our guild along the way. [Guild Website to be Added here]

  • Vent
  • AiL of 378 or higher
  • Destroyer's End Achievement
  • Raid Rules: (Don't have many, but some things are a given)
  • Keeping Vent clear of Chatter during fights
  • 5 Minute Break every 2 hours
  • No Random AFK's, Please be respectful of other's time
  • Loot Rules:
  • Basic Mainspec/Offspec 1-100 rolls
  • Tier Tokens on a seperate 1-100 roll
  • We will spread loot around, favoring people who haven't won something.
  • Orbs and BoE's are rolled 1-25 by Raid Leader
  • Legendary Shards:
  • We are currently looking for another rogue capable of looting these. Our main rogue in the guild has finished them already.
  • Raid Invite Priority:
  • Current Needs (IE: need a tank, a tank will be invited over a dps, Duh!)
  • Guild Member
  • Attendance to Raids
  • AiL for PuGs
  • That being said, here are our current needs:
    2 Tanks:
    Blood DK - Filled_______Protection Pally/Guardian Druid - Open

    6 Heals:
    HPally - Filled__________HPally - Filled
    RShammy - Filled______RDruid - Filled
    HPriest - Open________RShammy/RDruid - Open

    17 DPS:
    Rogue – Filled_________________Rogue - Filled
    Dps Druid (Feral) – Open________Dps Druid (Balance) - Open
    Ret Pally – Open_______________Arms Warrior - Open
    Enhance Shammy – Open________Ele Shammy - Open
    Warlock – Filled________________Warlock - Open
    Unholy DK – Pending______________Spriest - Filled
    Surv Hunter – Pending____________Surv Hunter - Open
    Mage – Filled__________________Mage (Preferably Fire) - Open
    Ranged Slot (Any) - Open

    Note: Given that we are barely starting out this week (5/1/12), we'll basically take anyone we can get atm. Just note that this is what we're ultimately looking for to fill our spots. We ask that people be very patient for the first few weeks while we are still getting set up. We will also need fillers even if you're class/spec is filled for any random D/C'ers and people who are removed as well as no shows.

    If this sounds interesting to you, please post on this thread with your toon/mainspec, and we'll add you to the calendar. You can also send me an in-game mail or a whisper me for any questions you might have that I didn't cover in this post.

    I would like to personally thank everyone who took time enough to read this post, see you in game!
    Hi, im Hunterdee 396ilv multiple dw kills and heroic morchok kills as well, also expd in h yor saj
    and h ultra no a big talker in vent i would like to run with you at least once before leaving the guild im in now plus im 2 weeks away from getting dark phoenix mount but i can guarantee good attendance and dps check my armory
    Thanks for the response Hunterdee! As soon as the servers go up I'll make sure to add you to the calendar. Our core is experienced with at least 4/8 Heroic Modes, but we've only ever downed Morchok and Ultra, due to lack of attendance cutting our progression attempts. That being said as long as you have good attendance all you will need to do to join our guild is be evaluated during one of our runs! Cya in game!
    Still have some slots open for tonight/Thurs for the 25man.
    We're currently taking pretty much anything, favoring our current needs though.
    We're also taking alternates for no-shows and dc'ers
    This week's Legendary shards have already been reserved.
    Please leave a post or whisper me in game! Thanks all.
    Hi there. I have exams next week and the week after, but I'd like to reserve a spot for the week after that if possible (and the following weeks, depending on how it goes).
    -Went ahead and updated our current needs-. "Filled in" spots have already been filled in by regulars who would like to keep running with us. We'll go ahead and keep accepting alternates for no shows and dc'ers. If anyone is interested please whisper me in game or drop a post, thanks!
    I'd be interested in a ranged DPS spot for 1 of my alts or to act as a stand-by if you need to fill (as these 3 toons don't have the Ach you're requiring - but I do have it on my main and another alt on the server)

    Flamezz - 386 ilvl Fire Mage
    Dadaa - 386 ilvl Surv Hunter
    Fatherporter - 388 ilvl Shadow Priest

    Also have some guildies that could fill some of the other spots - Enh Shammy, Warlock, Ret Pally plus several of the heals spots if you needed a filler.

    Hit me up in-game or /who my guild and ask anyone there to find me. Thanks and good luck!
    Still looking for fill-ins/backups for the Thursday continuation run (5/3/12). Currently @ Ultrax.
    Arms MS
    ilvl 398

    I'm interested in next weeks run. I'm saved to H Ultrax.

    This week's run was a success! Our Tuesday run ran into a little trouble with bad pugs, but we finished off strong clearing the last 4 bosses today in less than an hour!

    We are still accepting fill-ins and back-ups for future runs, and also trying to get our current needs filled in with regulars.

    If this sounds interesting to you, please drop a post or whisper me in game! We will continue to get better every week as we fill in with regulars instead of pugs!

    *Note* For next week's run we will be going after H Morchok, if all goes well and we one shot him, We'll also be going after H Ultra. Thanks guys for a great run this week, we appreciate it!
    I'm certainly interested in joining. For some reason the forums are bugging out and I can't post on my paladin.

    I switch between ret and prot very regularly, so my armory could show either spec, though, they are very close to eachother in ilevel.


    381 Prot, 377 Ret (even though my ret set is 377, I guarantee my DPS makes up for it ^_^).

    I'm looking to Ret mostly, so if that spot is still open I'm certainly up for it.

    real ID: kirkrocks1@gmail.com ... Add inthe message line that you're the pug-ish 25 man guy.
    I'll take you into account Bacc. I'll add you to the calendar and try you out as ret. I can't promise you'll be the only ret since I have yet to fill that position. If you are interested in a regular spot, I'll go ahead and see how you perform next week. Cya then.

    @Flamezz - Haven't been able to get a hold of you in game, but I'd be willing to give you, and any other guildies a shot, if we have the room of course.
    -Updated Current Needs-

    I am looking for a competent Off-tank as a regular and a Hpriest/Dpriest as well.
    As always, were accepting fillers and back-ups for no shows and DC'ers. Just drop a post here, or whisper me in game I'll add you to the calendar. Thanks all!
    2nd Week's Run was successful yet again! Bumpy start but we cleared in 1 night. So we'll start this up next week.
    -Updated Current Needs- Still looking for a competent OT, as well as fill-ins & back-ups for no-shows and Dcer's. Cya in game!
    I'd love to fill your rogue spot. 401 combat 5/8h.
    3/8HM 402 rogue (im 5/8HM on my hunter) would like to join to work on legendaries
    This looks right up my alley. Too bad, I can only make 1-2 weeks a month.. work schedules.
    Prot/Ret, Ret/Prot. All skills are top notch.
    Request add to calendar invite list.

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