MOP - mage weapon changes

So what exactly is getting changed for main hands come mop?

I heard we can't use dagger / swords anymore? only staff?

Wands are becoming main hands?

Daggers, swords, staves and wands are the gear we can equip. A wand is now considered a main hand item. There is no ranged item (I think for any class).
They are pretty much making mage's go with staffs, and I think its about time.
They have removed relics, ranged weapons, etc. Ranged weapons are now main-hand weapons and you must equip them to gain their bonuses.
We will be using what we have now and wands will be main hands with sp stat (they are NOT removing our ability to use any of our weapons). I do not understand why people think they are forcing mages to use staves come MOP.

463 dagger + off hand

385 int, 5151 spell power, 276 crit, 225 haste
501 int, 344 haste, 318 mastery +165 int via enchant

total 1,051 int, 5151 spell power, 566 haste, 276 crit, 318 mastery

463 staff

899 int, 5151 spell power, 652 haste, 512 crit
Yukina is correct. Wands are simply becoming another option that can be paired with an off-hand.
I'm really hoping there will be a PvP wand item option. I really like having something to do while silenced.

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