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Hi there,

I play on a role play server and although I am not a big role player I like to create quests for guildies to give them something to do and bring the guild closer together. Pretty much like a quest but done with the guild and rewarded gold from the guild bank.

So what I am looking for is some lore behind why a Horde guild would need to assassinate a Human Death Knight. Because I am not a big role player I don't know the lore of WoW very well. I am thinking of making the DK a former heavy weapons technician that still somehow remembers how to repair heavy weapons (i.e. canons in Strand of the Ancients). Thus I want to set up a quest for my guildies to 'take out' the Death Knight, put him in the Stormwind Hospital for awhile (can't really kill him because he is needed for future guild quests). So by taking out the Death Knight it will disable the SoTA canons and thus sway the battle for the Horde.

Also any other ideas are welcome...please guildies will love you! :)
05/01/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Galron
Horde guild would need to assassinate a Human Death Knight.

basically you have to decide if the vendetta begam before or after the human in question became a death knight

In otherwords:

A) the Human caused an afront to the horde characters in question before or during the third war while he was still alive. Then the human died and was ressurected by the Lich King and turned into a DK; but the Horde characters in question still hate him and are out to get him.


B) a Human died in the 3rd war, and was raised by the Lich King into a Death Knight. He gained his free will and rejoined the Alliance and as a Death Knight he caused some afront to the Horde Characters and now they are out to get him.
I will add that most death knights remember some amount of their former lives, there is a quest for starter DKs where we are forced to kill our best friends from when we were alive to demonstrate that we are under the control of the LK; and we all rejoin our original factions once we regain free will [Alliance->Alliance / Horde->Horde].

So i don't doubt a DK character could remember some of his skills he had in life as a weapons technician.

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