Druid Heirlooms

Hi everyone!

I have the Preened Ironfeather shoulders, and Preened Ironfeather breastplace, as well as the dignified headmaster charge for my Resto set..

But I was wondering, to go Bear, which heirlooms should I get?

I would think Stained Shadowcraft tunic, and Stained shadowcraft spaulders, and repurposed lava dredger?

But also, what stats seperate a feral tank from feral dps?

Can a feral druid in full heirlooms just as easily tank and dps? What is the difference in gear?
Until level cap almost nothing.

Once you can reforge and get mastery at level 80 mastery becomes very big for bears, but also cats.

At t13 raid gear cats tend to reforge either to haste or mastery.

Bears mastery or dodge.

Both stack AGI.
What do you mean?
sorry hit submit too soon:)
For leveling just look for leather AGI gear for tanking and dps. Should still hold true for MoP.

Rumor has it there is a new heirloom AGI staff coming in MoP. http://mop.wowhead.com/item=79131
So are feral druids (read cats vs bears) always in competition between each other?

Always Leather Agi + Stam ? A bear has just as much right to the same piece as a cat?
yes and a rogue and a monk now
Currently at level cap they value some different secondary stats. So they are not in "direct" competition. Though it is most rare to have a Bear and a Cat in the same raid make up...especially in ten man raids.
And how are resto druids at end game?

Super viable and competitive gear wise?
Current end game for PVE very good, for PVP not so good.

In MoP we will not know for a while.
Is my gear good enough to start tanking ?

I grinded the shoulders/chest/2h in the past 2 days...

/gouges eyes

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