WTS level 25 guild, Blackrock Horde

WTS level 25 guild <Indefatigable> on Blackrock Horde. Asking 210,000g - this price is firm. First person with 210k will get the guild, no questions asked.

Comes with a 7-tab bank filled with mostly junk (or an empty bank if you'd prefer). Has about 90 active members. No special guild achievements.

Buyer is free to do whatever they want with the guild. Transfer it off-server, re-name it, kick the members and start anew - whatever you like.

Payment accepted in Blackrock gold only. Offers to barter or to take gold on other servers will be ignored.

Offers under 210,000g will be ignored.

If you're interested please reply to this thread with your contact info, and I'll get back to you ASAP. You can also in-game mail Wonderboom on Blackrock Horde.
u still have guild available?
Yes. I've sent you an in-game mail with my Real ID info if you want to discuss it.
210k should have special guild achievements, anyone that buys it for that price is silly stupid. Its worth 100k maybe 125k with what you have there. good luck selling for that price.
@Jinxie, you my friend are incorrect. Level 25 guilds whether they have any chieves or not are worth over 200k. I myself have traded at least 4 lvl 25's, and all have sold for over 200k. If you decide to wait, I expect lvl 30 guilds to go for around 500k. Best of luck.

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