Do you ever play WoW with you siblings?

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Hey fellow WoW'ers,
I was thinking recently if anyone ever played WoW with their brothers or Sisters? I know that when I play I like to play without my two little bros but I have quite a few friends who claim to enjoy playing with their siblings. Is there anyone out there who plays with their siblings? If so, why? Even if you dont and like me like playing solo whys that?
Any all responses, thoughts, etc. are welcome.
My brothers are actually the only people I ever really do anything with on this game. I started playing because of them. Now that they both live so far away, it's a great way to spend time together. I get along with them really well, they're pretty much my best friends. We're all adults though, and although I've always had good relationships with them, I'm not sure it would have been quite the same if we were younger.
My little bro still plays a max dwarf hunter on occasion, but hasn't been as interested in wow in the last year or so. Though pretty much the only thing he plays nowadays is hat-trading on tf2. To each his own....
My brother is my GM, another brother plays all the time, and a third just quit after years & years of top-level PVP.
My 2 younger brothers both play.
Nope. My sister doesn't play WoW & the last time she played a video game was Super Mario Bros. on the NES.

I did teach my nephews how to play though.
Siblings? Play with them?

You mean they're not competitors to your power and must be eliminated in a long, bloody affair of fratricide, plotting, assassination and ousting the leeches?

My brother used to play. I currently have my little brother watching me play. He's a Horde in training.
I have no brother and my sis has no interest in video games. I do, however, play with my significant other. It's a cheap way of doing something together since we have three kids and it is hard to get away now.
My older sis plays she took a break till mists comes out.
When I visit my 12 year old grandson I always take my laptop and play WoW with him.

great fun.
My brothers don't play. I wish they did, though.
My brothers both used to play. One plays TERA now and the other I don't think plays any MMOs. I didn't play with them often though. One always had his own things going on in-game, the other play the opposite faction :p
Yes! I play with my brother, Padook! I made this priest to compliment his warrior back in vanilla to replace my old hunter main, and we've made many, MANY alts that have complimented one another...he is the person I play with the most! Back in BC especially we played together so much people thought we were dating lol.

We make a good tank/healer team!
I got into WoW just because of my brothers, and my love for WC3. They don't really play WoW anymore. Though I sent em a scroll of resurrection, they're considering to play WoW again when they get their new computers.
no, no. nooooooo. no. playing wow with the fam? unheard of! blashphemy.
My youngest brother works so much he barely plays single player games, let alone something like this. Which is a shame, because he's a better gamer than I am, he could carry me. :)
All 3 of my sisters play WoW with me.
I run dungeons with my bro in law and my sister some times.
I've always played horde and my brother alliance. We'd queue at the same time to see if we'd be put in the same WSG. Those were some of the most fun we've had playing this game.

We have recently started playing on the same server and that has been a blast too. We are both well skilled at tanking and healing and have very similar play styles.

Being that I'm 30 and he's 33 we get to spend less and less time together and wow has let us still spend time together while not having to drive 2 states away.

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