Looking for Items for Transmog Set.

Wyrmrest Accord
Hello Wyrmrest Accord.

It's me Kiethoo, your favorite person who stands infront of Grommash Hold all the time.

Well turns out. Im getting alittle bored of pretending I care about protecting Garrosh. So since it is still to early to start my "Pandaren Welcoming Project" since MoP is still months away.

I think I would like to relocate and have asked for a Transfer to a place I know a Kor'Kron like me can do some real good.

Keeping an Eye on you Untrustworthy Forsaken Rotbags in Undercity as a Kor'Kron Overseer!

But turns out the Horde are short on more then just the correct type of Kor'kron Elite boots.....We seem to be short on the correct Overseer armor.

So If you happen to come across any items of the Brutish Plate set, specificly the Chest, Legs, Bracers please let me know and I will purchase them from you!

I think I will use it to Transmog my PVE Tanking Set.

Also I would just like to remind any Orcish Roleplayers that I am still giving away any Grunt RP gear I come across. Today I got a new Axe donated by a fine member of Wyrmrest Accord! Its nice and sharp and ready to split open Alliance Skulls!
If I find any, I'll be sure to pass it along your way. <3

Incidentally, how many pots will you need for those bags in MoP?
Oh god please no more!!!

I have like 20 people trying to donate potions and things and If I get anymore Ill have to spend an entire week giving out gift bags during the start of MoP o.O;But any help is appreciated ^.^
Im still in the PRE-Planning Stages.
So what items isnt set in stone yet, or how I am going to give them away.

I kinda wanted to make it an event with "Ambassadors" but Ill work out the details later with Mugala and then do a nice big post with lots of info on the event, how you can help, or how you can collect your goody bags!
I got some Brutish legs I'm not going to use.

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