Dwarve Facepaint?

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I think I would be awesome if dwarves can get facepaints, just like the wildhammer clan dwarves. I mean one of our leaders on the Council of Three Kings is a wildhammer?
I approve of this :)
It would be a nice touch, plus Dwarves just seem to be pretty plain without it.
That would be cool. I like some of the tattoos they have too. It might even give me a reason to roll something dwarf. :)
Id love to see this feature for the Dwarves. I do love those Wildhammers.

Not to mention some of the Trolls and NEs have their own facepaints/tattoos, so it would be interesting to see something implemented for the other races aswell, imo.
I agree!
A thousand times YES! Also, Blue Hair please. Like that female blacksmith in Twilight Highlands.
I want facepaint, too.
It has been requested many times & every time it garners positive replies. Let's go Bliz, we all want it.
I'd like to see Wildhammer tattoos on playable Dwarves.
NO!! ONLY TROLLS GET FACEPAINT!!! Actually, this is a legitimate idea. Facepaint would look cool on other classes, but probably hard to see on worgens...
The Dwarves we play are the dwarves of Ironforge, not the Dark Iron, not the Wildhammer.

Just like we play Durotar dwarves, not Mag'har.
The Dwarves we play are the dwarves of Ironforge, not the Dark Iron, not the Wildhammer.

Just like we play Durotar dwarves, not Mag'har.

Durotar dwarves sound pretty hardcore.

Dark Iron and Wildhammer dwarves are in The Alliance proper, now. Their leaders help rule over Ironforge. A Mag'har is Warchief of The Horde. There's no reason any of these models shouldn't be available to the player.
04/28/2012 01:46 PMPosted by Helvard
Now that I think I can see a problem. All the other races would have to have "subraces" come out of the woodwork with different visual styles or there would be QQ aplenty. Coming up with subraces for the forsaken would be a stretch.

Forsaken would be the easiest. Considering that "undeath" is not a race, but a condition. In addition, a large group of Forsaken in the lore are made up of high elves that fell when The Scourge swept through Lordearon and Quel'thalas. These individuals exist, but are not represented in-game.

Forsaken "sub race" could be undead High Elf. Of which models already exist in the form of blood elf death knight unique skins.

It gets challenging with the Draenei, who have several related species (Man'ari, Broken, Lost Ones). The one that makes the most sense would be The Broken, but the two models aren't even similar.

The Broken model would have to be fixed up, brought to today's graphic standards and rebuilt around the draenei "wire-frame" (they're currently on the Tauren, as the current Broken One/Lost One model actually predates The Burning Crusade) and the female model would have to be built from the ground up. That's a lot of work.

How about, instead of all that they just give everyone face-paint and tattoos and call it a day.
04/28/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Valko
Durotar dwarves,

I didn't know there were Dwarves in Durotar.
The tattoos? They be wanted.

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