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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
I'm looking for a guild that needs a hunter and preferably a core spot not a reserve spot. I work from 5:00 PM PST to 1:00 AM PST (Sunday to Thursday) and most guild in the US server mostly raid during the times I'm at work. I'm willing to try any guild on Oceanic Servers and see what you guys can offer for my rough raiding schedule.

I'm currently 5/8H experience on Dragon Soul and looking to finish it before the next expansion comes out. I rather to stay Alliance but willing to consider Horde.

If interested or reach me at Malygos - US Alliance or post here

Please leave your real id or website if interested
Still looking for a guild
Ajantis-guild.com (Horde - 8/8 hm 25) is recruiting a hunter.
The Otherside (Level 25) is a New Zealand (GMT +12) based guild now calling Barthilas (Horde) home. Raiding at 6pm-9pm ST (8pm-11pm) Sunday/Monday. We offer a mature raiding environment with the laid back kiwi style while still consistently pushing for progression.

What we expect from our members:
Regular, reliable attendance to raids. Proper preparation for raid nights, with reasonable research in your own time. This includes flasks/Food Buffs, specific things your class is required to do for a certain encounter etc

A thorough understanding of your class with the ability to get the most out of your character.

A mature attitude towards progression and raiding in general. Also the ability to take and dish out criticism.

Current openings for progression in Dragon Soul
Holy Pally
We are also open to any casuals/levelers who would like to join, we offer some tasty perks!

If you feel you would make a perfect fit into our guild please apply at http://the-otherside.co.nz/ or Contact me in game.
Still looking
About S - Key Gamers

S - Key gamers is a Hardcore 10-man guild dedicated to progressing through end game raid content. We require motivated, focused and dependable raiders.

What we require of our members.

Dependability - We require our member to consistently show up on time. While we do understand sometimes you have to miss a raid we do require our members to give us notice, usually a few days will suffice or possibly longer for longer leaves from raiding.

Skill - High DPS, knowledge of boss encounters either through research or previous experience, knowledge of the optimal rotation for your class and spec as well as the ability to handle "complex" raid mechanics are all expected from our raiders.

Reliability - It is expected that all raiders will come equipped with everything they will need for the raid, obvious examples include an ample supply of buff food, flasks and potions. Furthermore if the raider wishes to use loot upgrades immediately after receiving them they are expected to bring appropriate gems and enchants along, we do not accept people leaving to go to Orgrimmar to buy an enchant.

Patience - This guild is dedicated to pushing our limits in progression, this means we will not fall into the habit of just clearing "farm" bosses for loot, we will be pushing for new progress every week. As such if the idea of wiping a lot does not appeal to you, you need not read any further, as this is not the guild for you.

-New members to the guild are required to undergo a trial in which they will be monitored for guild suitability. Time taken to complete a trial can be varied so as such it is impossible to list an exact time of trial period.

Raid Times:Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, 7:30-11pm AEST (Daylight Savings : 8:30pm till 12pm server)

Go to http://skeygamers.enjin.com/ to apply or pst any guildy ingame.
<Paint It Blacker> is a 10man horde guild on US Blackrock.

*Healer Priority*
1. Restoration Druid
2. Disc Priest
3. Holy Paladin
4. Restoration Shaman.

*DPS Priority*
1. Hunter
2. Warlock
3. Shadow Priest

We are on a PST server. Raid times are posted in AEST

Monday 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 4pm-6pm
Friday 3pm-7pm

If you can raid around these times but if you would like them altered slightly to fit your schedule better, contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your schedule.

To get in contact with us either email or add to real ID Mark.ivess@gmail.com
You could also try to contact someone in our guild. You can talk to anyone in guild and they should be able to point you towards people with a higher rank. Thank you for your time.
Hey, we are 6/8HM last lift on spine 10 man looking for 1 hunter to join our team. We are based on the oceanic server at Khaz'goroth realm.

Our raid times: Weds/Thurs 6pm-8pm server time. We advise you to log into our realm to know your raid times 100%.

for more information add me on RL id: Rosefever23@hotmail.com
or visit our website at: www.wipesforsale.com to apply.
Hey to keep it short here is a link to our recuiting thread :)


Would be happy to talk if your interested if not best of luck with your search.
Guild Name: eMotion
Realm: Jubei’thos (Oceanic PVP)
Time Zone: New Zealand Raid Times (GMT+12)
Faction: Horde
Raids: Thursday, Sunday & Monday 6pm – 9pm ST (subject to content)
Progression: 5/8H
Recruiting: Exceptional dps and healers for current content, all class for MoP
Website: http://emotion.guildlaunch.com/
In Game Contact: Jaaru, Valiance
add me on real id so we can have a chat foemoejoe@hotmail.com

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