ORIGIN 10M 5/8H - Require tanky goodness

Greetings all. Origin has opened its recruitment doors to fill 1 CORE SPOT on our 10M progression team. We are currently 5/8 Heroic in Dragon soul. We had 2 members leave for real life issues and it has cost us some time and boss kills. That's ok, we are really looking towards MOP(and finishing up DS) and this is a good opportunity for players to join us, have some fun and also to do well at the same time. Great atmoshpere to spend your 15 bucks a month for, you will be treated with respect and fairly, and we expect that behaviour back.

Recruitment needs: T A N K (DK, Druid or Pally)

We are a mature guild that has roots reaching back to launch day of Vanilla WoW functioning well on a day to day basis. Currently running with 2 , Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

Raid Times: Tuesday: 5:30-9pm PST Wednesday: 5:30-9pm PST Thursday: 5:30-9pm PST

Attributes we look for in potential candidates:(1) Exceptional Knowledge Of Their Class(2) Solid character(3) Reliable(4) Gear To Support the Current Content

We expect close to 100% attendance as we push our HM progression, currently 5/8H in Dragon Soul. If interested please contact Grogo/Bullethead/Slowhand/Vll (GM), Cayoco, Or leave a reply here!

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