3/8H LFR 25man or 10Man Raiding guild.

Guild Recruitment
Hey guys. im a 393 ret pally with a 398 holy off spec. i can pull roughly 35k dps on a giving fight sujessted that it favors the melee dps. i am currently looking for a new home. i am willing to server transfer and also. faction change i wouldnt mind becoming horde. but i also wouldnt mind staying alliance. please feel free to add me to real id. (i will post it after my post). but please post comment and i will be looking into everyones guild thanks.

Real Id: tiansus@yahoo.com
i also have a warlock and a mage that are not that badly geared. keep that in mind but i wud not mind dpsing as a ret pally thanks guys.
also raid times must be at 930p est and aprox get done no later then 1230a est. thanks days dont matter.

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