[H] 404 Arms War LF Pre-DS Cata Raids

I'm looking to do pre-Dragon Soul Cata raids. My motivation is to get the missing achievement points and see content that I haven't had a chance to yet. I'd like to do the raids on heroic.

- I'm farming 5/8 heroic in DS on this toon.
- 404 equipped ilvl for Arms
- 395 equipped ilvl for Tank

I've never done the fights but will certainly learn them before coming. I can contribute 30k+ dps. I have vent. I certainly won't be a hinderance to your raid.

My core raiding group is pretty small so we can't seem to get a full 10 ppl on who are interested to do these raids, hence my post here. However, I am certain that I could get 2-3 other achievement !@#$%s from my guild (legendary rogue, main tank, etc.) if there are others out there in the same boat that would like to group up.

Message me here or in game. Thanks.

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