Hot streak Fire mage suggestion.

Terin an 85 worgen rogue from Bladerunner had an idea to change the way Hot streak works on fire mages. Since im not in BETA im not able to post there but his idea really got me interested. is the link to the beta post he made.

For those who dont want to read the other post its basically making Hot streak CDs into a small resource for mages. These charges are shown behind the mage much like verdnant spheres( obviously as fire orbs) that the mage can then use at will as an instant cast so long as theres a charge. At 3 stacks the orbs combined alowing the mage use of a new ability, Pheonix.
Now this isnt a pet, but a move that bounces off the nearest 3 targets, dealing an increased amount of damage. The spell effect is the Pheonix flying towards its enemy and exploding, then heading to the next target. this video is from guild wars 2, and the second abilities spell graphic would work very well for this. Doesnt need as much details as the video one but something around the same look.

Interesting, but:

1) instant Pyro charges would have to have a short duration or they'd be overpowered; we can't have mages charging up in one fight and then stepping into the next one to unleash a triple-instant-Pyro volley. If Pyro was given a cooldown to compensate, then we'd have the potential of wasting charges because we were already capped but couldn't cast a spell to consume them.

2) I don't want to be sitting on charges in hopes of stacking up enough to get a phoenix, I don't want my AoE to be dependent on Hot Streak procs, and I'd rather a super-proc like that not be wasted if I only have a single target.

Interesting concept, but needs workshopping; I wouldn't want it implemented like that.

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