396 Survival Hunter LF DS10

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Hello there everyone. I am a 396 survival hunter, know alot about my class. Have had experience in DS, for about 4-5 months now. I have accomplished 2/8 H:DS. I am looking for a raiding guild for DS10. I am a very experienced player, and am pretty laid back and friendly. I look forward to finding a raiding guild. Hope to hear from someone

Who we are:

Iron Knights has been a casual raiding unit since mid Burning Crusade. We are a laid back group of individuals who like to have a good time while getting things done. Our players come from diverse cultures and all walks of life, each one of them has a unique sense of humor and the ability to take a joke during our lockouts.

Iron Knights finished in the top 10 of their server in both The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. We aspire to see all of the end game content as we have the past 2 expansions without raiding the same crazy schedules as top World / US / or even realm guilds.



4/4 Bastion of Twilight
1/5 Heroic Bastion of Twilight

6/6 Blackwing Descent
3/6 Heroic Blackwing Descent

2/2 Throne of 4 Winds

7/7 Firelands
6/7 Hardmode

8/8 Dragon Soul
4/8 HM Dragon Soul

WotLK Achievements:

12/12 Heroic Icecrown Citadel - Drakes / Bane of the Fallen King
Halion 10/25 - Horde First
Algalon 10/25 - Drakes
Tribute to Insanity

Burning Crusade Achievements:

Hand of A'dal
Champion of the Naaru

When:***** All times are listed as Easterntime *****

***25 Man Raid Times***

Tuesday: 8:45pm - 12:00am
Wednesday: 8:45pm - 12:00am
Thursday: 8:45pm - 12:00am

The big question..... Loot?:

Iron Knights has successfully run an officer driven loot council for the past 4 years. Our loot council is un-biased in deciding which way loot is distributed and is focused on what will make our raid succeed.

Loot is handed out via a few different criterea.


What we're looking for:

We are currently seeking like minded raiders that wish to see end game content on a casual raiding schedule. These individuals should be specced, glyphed, enchanted, and gemmed properly before applying or contacting our guild master. Preparedness is key, knowledge of the fights is a must for success in any raid. We prefer not to waste 5 minutes explaining fights to trial members.

Class Openings:

Survival Hunter
Resto Shaman
Affliction Warlock

Our recruitment status is currently open for all classes and exceptional players. The classes listed above are in high demand.

What do you do in your spare time?

Many of our members participate in guild achievement runs. Some still help farm for Ulduar Protodrakes, Icecrown Frostwyrms, as well as the Ashes of A'lar. Rated BG's are frequently formed between members, as well as old world 5 mans, and arenas.

How do I apply:


Please visit our website and hit the apply now button on the left side of our website. The application process on an active day can take between a few hours and 3 days depending on our work / raiding schedule.


You may also feel free to contact our guild master via realid. He is generally available for correspondence after 8:45pm Eastern Standard Time on weekdays
Here is a little bit about us. Please add me to RealId if you are interested in talking. Thanks :)

Team Elite of Galakrond is looking to recruit a skilled hunter for a full time raid spot. We are a guild very dedicated to raiding and want players with the same mindset. Currently 3/8h DragonSoul.

Current needs:
Hunter (100% attendance or very close to it)

We take raiding seriously but also have a laid back environment where we don't try to put people down or insult them. We believe strongly in working together to succeed

Raid Schedule:

Saturday & Sunday @ 500pm PST (800 EST)

Contact Strixx, Alarris, Phrosen, Lysergia, or Lilnazty in game if you are interested. Thanks


I am the GM/Raid leader of Candy Van Gaming, Bleeding Hollow Alliance side EST PvP server. We would be interested in speaking with you about a spot in our core raiding group.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 7:30pm est to 11:30pm est with optional alt raids on the weekends and optional clean up days on Sunday and Monday if needed for progression.

We were a prior top 100 guild that left for SWToR and are now back to wow full time with our sights set on MoP and regaining our ranking. Previously we had some of the top world parses on world of logs in our guild and our core have stuck together for years now.

We are rebuilding our core 25 man group with our sights set on MoP and regaining our ranking and will continue to progress through HDS until that time.

Full recruitment post:


We look forward to hearing from you.
You can find Candyazz, ironjive, jelliebeane, or ask for any other officer on server or add me to realid.
realid: inst98@gmail.com
Driven (6/8 HM 10 man) on Cenarius.

We are looking for 1 DPS to finish up HM Spine and Madness. We would prefer a Rogue, Hunter, or Mage but we would accept other quality DPS. We raid Tues-Thurs 6-10 pacific or 9PM-1AM Eastern. Most weeks we do not raid Thursdays but depends on the content we down on Tues-Wed.

We are a tight group and we use EPGP for loot but most people have most of their HM gear by now. Leave something here or make a new toon on our server and whsiper me!
Hey Blazinbebe,

We've been raiding 7 years now (formed at release), and are currently 7/8H P2 of Madness. We were 6/7HM P3 in T12 and 9/13 in T11 Heroics. We're looking to add a Hunter.

We raid 25 mans Sunday-Wednesday from 7:15-11:00EST. Most of our members are out of school and have jobs, so we offer a more mature, stable, balanced environment. How many other raiders can say they've done everything from Ragnaros (twice) to Deathwing in the same guild?

I'd encourage you to learn a little more about us and let me know if you have any other questions (email at dotdapps@dotd.org, or RealID Thark@dotd.org).

Learn more at www.dotd.org if you're interested or visit -http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3881881018?page=1
Hello Blazinbebe ,

<Predominant> of Stormrage-US (Alliance) is a level 25 guild current progress is 8/8 Normal 5/8 HM in 25man. Predominant was established in June 2010 and we are still going strong. Our raid times are T-TH 7:30-11EST pushing for progression on Tuesday/Wednesday and finishing up on Thursday.We are a tight knit group and we are currently recruiting to do 8/8 HM and push through MoP.

What is our goal?
We always aim to do our best and our core have been playing since vanilla. Predominant is interested in hardmodes and challenging content. It makes the game fun for us and we are looking for people that want the same as we do.That being said we are focused on being in the running for 25 man guilds in MoP.

Our guild is backed by a group of knowledgeable, fair and understanding leaders who push us to do our best, but don't forget that we are human. If you can make our raid times and you can bring your raiding skills to the table please apply at http://www.predominant.us, contact an me or another officer in game, or add my ID jam0199@gmail.com and I'll reply to any questions you have. You’re also welcomed to email me at the above with any questions and I will respond immediately.

I wish you the best of luck in your search for your new home and hope to hear from you soon!
The Last Hope> US Thrall 4/8 HM 10M LATE NIGHT GUILDThe Last Hope is a horde guild on Thrall (PVE, EST) that raids late night weekends. We are currently strengthening our rosters and recruiting for the upcoming expansion.
Weekend Raid Group Progression
:6/7 Hard Modes in Firelands
8/8 Dragon Soul 25 man
4/8H Dragon Soul 10 man

Raid Times:
Fridays - 10/25 man Raid night 11pm -3AM EST
Saturdays - 10/25 man Raid night 11pm -3AM EST
Now recruiting for a Thursday night group at 10pm-1am but hoping to expand to Wednesday as well.

The Last Hope loot is done by council, and will be distributed evenly among those who we feel are doing their best job with what they have and who deserves it the most. Our objective is to get people evenly geared that are dedicated to raiding and thus progressing the guild as a whole. We are seeking all classes and specs, but have a high priority for tanks and heals, but DPS should apply as desired.We are open to having another guild merge with us as well, so if you have a guild looking to merge with another guild, feel free to say so, but keep in mind the merger would be into our guild with our guild name.

http://lasthopethrall.guildportal.com/ is the website, please feel free to submit an application there

If you have any questions please contact me on my real id at summa517@gmail.com
Hello Blázinbébé, <Core> on the Greymane server (Ally, CST, and PVE) might be what you’re looking for. We raid 2 10 man teams Mon/Tues/Wed, 7:30pm st until 11:00 pm st. We are seeking skilled, dependable ranged for an immediate opening.

We have ramped down for the summer and are enjoying completing hard modes in DS with 10 man teams as we await Mists. We have been a 25 man progression raiding guild for 5 years and we plan to run Mists as a 25-man team.

We are a currently 5/8 hm DS. This is a good time to get onboard as we progress further into Dragon Soul hard mode and await MoP. We will be hitting the Mist content as soon as it goes live with a team ready to progress.

We have been a progression end-game raiding guild for over 5 years (Nov 2006) and are very stable; we won't be folding on you. We are comprised mostly of working adults, average age is around 27-28. We take raiding seriously and are what I would call a semi-hard core raiding group; we expect all raiders to be focused and stay out of fires, but you won't be subjected to vent rage as we learn new content. We are drama free.

On weekends we run old content for achievements and transmogs as well as FL 10 for those still looking to own something orange or drake achievements.

Check out our website at http://coreofgreymane.com. You can contact me through the website e-mail (Julise or Ebbie) or in-game. I'll be glad to look for you on your server so we can chat, and chat in vent. If we sound like what you're looking for, please contact me through real ID: Etopia@epbfi.com

I look forward to talking with you!
Blazin, Lucid Dream of Frostmane is H5/8 w/ an immediate opening in our active raid roster for an experienced Hunter! We raid Tue/Sun/Mon, 7-10PM CST. If the times work, I'd love to speak to you ASAP!

Our Thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4796071126
Our Forums: http://luciddream-frostmane.wowstead.com/
In-game: Rixil or Boxe
RealID: cranchops@gmail.com

Thanks & GL with your search!
Guild: Damage per Second @ Tichondrius

Progression: 6/8H + 3rd plate on spine

Times: Tue/Wed 7p-9:30p PST

Loot: MS/OS 1000. We do not EPGP, DKP or loot council.

** We do not recruit a bench. All players are required to have exceptional attendance.

** We will NOT make you fill out an app. A quick chat in mumble to answer any questions you or I may have is sufficient.

Contact: Karebear4785@yahoo.com

Hope to talk to you soon!
First of all we raid earlier than most guilds so if you have a unique schedule we may be perfect for you. Also we are one of the few guilds out there that does not have attendance issues, we have never called a raid before and never will.

<INVICTUS> is a 25 man raiding guild and is currently seeking a few good raiders to fill out our roster. We are 8/13 heroic T11 (pre 4.2), 6/7 Heroic Firelands and 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul. The main focus of our guild is to provide a fun, stable, mature, environment to raid where people take responsibility for their own actions and have a good time while slaying dragons. Our raid times are:

Tues and Thur 5pm-9pm EST

As always exceptional players are always welcome to apply.

We are all 21+ with real lives, jobs, wives/girlfriends that understand that there is life outside of wow but also want to progress without an extreme raiding schedule. We have no drama and have a zero tolerance policy for anyone with a huge ego, drama queen, etc. We strive to be one of the top guilds and achieve great results with a more casual raid schedule of 2 days a week and provide our raiders with free guild repairs, enchants and flasks.

Our raid enviroment is pretty laid back, we like to joke around and have fun as that's why we play the game, yet we still push progression and aim to clear content quickly. We are also EXTREMELY social and active, most of of members hang out on vent though out the day. We also have at least 2 alt firelands and run everysingle raid in the game at least 1 time each week. The majority of our members play to play so finding things to do on non raid days is very easy.

We also don't believe in the whole yelling and screaming type raid environment, if you are not performing or are standing in fire repeatedly we will ask you politely to sit out for that fight. If it continues to be an ongoing problem in the future you will not be invited. We expect that you will take responsibility for your own actions and understand if you are sat for a fight it was because you messed up, not because we hate you. Our loot is distributed via loot council, if an item drops that you want you link what you are currently using, how many pieces of that tier of non boe/rep gear you have and if that item is bis to ensure fair loot distribution.

If you are interested in applying please contact myself , gnast or aduys in game or feel free to add me on real id.


Lastly we are LBGT friendly, and I can guarantee that you will have more fun here than any other guild that exists.
Hey Blazin,

We are in need of a hunter for more progression in our G2 team with the progression of 4/8HM, you sound like you would fit in with us well!. Our main team's progression is 8/8HM so most of us in G2 are in G1 who basicly knows all the fights.

Immediate raid spot is available once trial is accepted.

We are based in Australia.

We are on the horde side of Khaz'Goroth realm on the Oceanic server.

Our raid times: Weds/Thurs 6pm-8pm AEST server time(Pls note that AEST is different to EST be aware what the raid times for you before you apply to our guild)

For more info Add me on RL id for a quick chat: Rosefever23@hotmail.com
Visit our website at: www.wipesforsale.com to apply.

Hope to hear from you, Cheers.
Guild: Morituri
Faction: Alliance
Server: Alterac Mountains
Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9PM-12AM EST
Current Progression (10-man): 8/8 Normal, 3/8 Heroic

<Morituri> is currently recruiting a Ranged DPS be a part of our progression core for finishing heroic modes in Dragon Soul and in pushing content into Mists of Pandaria.

For more information please check out our website at: morituri-guild.com
Or contact Bys, Vagbaggins, Arcaena or Emmal in game.
We could use a good hunter, we have 3 DPS spots open still.

<Eden> on Sargeras needs more ranged. We are a small 10m raid/pvp guild looking to fill out our raid team to finish off DS and be ready to roll for Mists. This is an adult guild of friends, some of whom have played together for years. Guild made it to 5/8 in early January before transferring and taking a long break to chill and shake off some burnout. Two of us have pugged to 8/8 1/8H, I haven't just because I'm not a pug fan.

Raid times are 8-11pm EST, loot system is MS/OS, 1 piece per run. We don't D/E anything that someone can use though.

If you're at all interested contact Demigodd, myself, or Paion.
Visage - Mal'Ganis - Horde
    Visage was formed from a group of friends that wanted to raid together and so we formed in Jan of 2012. Some of us had raided previous expansions together while some of us came together in Cataclysm. We are a group of people that want to have a good time playing with one another. We raid few hours a week, but we take are raid times seriously. We strive to avoid an elitest, immature and antisocial attitudes.

    We currently are working to finish out Dragon Soul and leaving the option open to transition to 25m content come MOP. Currently we have 3 10m groups that run weekly.
  • Group 1: Heroic 3/8 - Thursdays,Sundays 7-10p.m. server.
  • Group 2: Normal 8/8 - Tuesdays 7-10p.m. server.
  • Group 3: Heroic 5/8 - Tuesdays, Sundays 7-10p.m. server.

  • Currently Recruiting
    Group 1 is in need of one of the fallowing.
  • Elemental Shaman
  • Hunter
  • Warlock
  • Group 2 is in need of one of the fallowing.
  • Non Warrior Tank

  • What our Guild can offer:

  • Social atmosphere.
  • Guild repairs, Chants, Caldrons for raiders.
  • Active, Mature and Friendly group of people.
  • Ideal Candidates:
  • Mature and 21 or older.
  • Ability to listen and speak in ventrilo.
  • Enjoys playing the game inside and out of raids.

  • If you feel that we are what you are looking for and you are what we are looking for post an application on the website http://visage-guild.enjin.com/ and feel free to contact one of the fallowing in game.
    Napoku, Mî(alt+140)lk, or Cruxific
    If intrested in Group 3 fill out an application and feel free to contact one of the fallowing. Shanknasty or Lycie

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