What is your FAVORITE pet?!

The white beetle is one I want so bad on my new hunter... and the matching wasp too.

Thinking of calling the beetle Stormtrooper , if we could get symbols in names "AT-AT" would be good too.
my oil stained wolf... hands down http://www.wowhead.com/npc=25791

took me days and hrs of trying and now since its patched you cant get it anymore.. i love him :)

As well :]
The moth from that infected place in Terrorkar, I don't know why, but I love that thing. :P
My Favorite: Rak'Shiri

I remember waiting with eager anticipation till I hit 58 so I could run to Winterspring and Tame Her.

It took me two weeks of camping on and off on that hill, using eagle eyes to scout the other areas and low and behold one day she just up and walks past me. I literally dropped my laptop off my lap in surprise.

Had her ever since.
My blue sporebat, LiteBrite
Got him before I faction changed had the thing since level 14 I think
Woo just got Jadefang!
Stinglasher from Feralas, named him ColdBlood. Wish Blizz hadn't shrunk him down to normal size :(

Also my very first pet Huggy, plain black bear found in Loch Modaan.

I love this Warp-Stalker, Pete matches my gear. Can't wait to use him to change pet specs in MoP.
Terropene has grown on me after he successfuly tanked Ony in my solo kill this week. (tanked her like a CHAMP)
I would say the spirit owl from Hyjal is my current fav. one but I am also annoyed that I picked the wrong expansion to start playing my hunter more and missed out on taming the ghost hydra and the blob.

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