Fellow warriors,

I'm beginning to feel frustrated tanking heroic instances and i just want to know if I'm on the right track stat-wise since i'm just starting heroics.

Any tip would be much appreciated because all healers scream at me ;_;
I would recommend going to askmrrobot.com and looking at what it says to do. Your mastery is very low and your dodge and parry are high. Mastery is our bread and butter for prot. If you are feeling squishy its cause of that. This is why, parry and dodge have a limit to how much damage they will mitigate. Its called diminishing returns and it basically means the more you dodge and parry the more difficult it will become to keep that up. Mastery has no diminishing return so it won't give you less mitigation. Your mastery should be as high as possible and your parry should be about 1 to 2% higher than your dodge.

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