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Wyrmrest Accord
Not really, but I thought I'd talk gold making.

What do you do to make gold and just how efficient is it per hour? Do you farm low level raid mobs? Do you sell professions? Do you dance on mailboxes?

I just found a really awesome way for me to make money off my alchemy.
Potion of Treasure Finding
I could sell these puppies and/or use them myself to farm quest mobs as I level my other characters for the chests to sell whatever drops. The chests themselves contain 3-5 Gold, 75% chance to contain 8-15 Embersilk Cloth, and 15% chance to contain a single Volatile Element. That's extra money in your pocket while you quest.

I could always offer my vial of the sands services, too...
I must echo the Potion of Treasure Finding sentiment here. I make as many as I can on my Alchemist Toon (thank GOD for Potion Master) and have a stack of 10 or so on each toon.

If you are using the Potion, use it only when running around in a densely packed area of NPCs. Faceroll the Nuke Button to WIN.

This is actually a very useful tool when you are farming crafting materials, especially if you can find a densely populated area, as not only will you be able to gather a lot of crafting materials, but you'll also likely gain large numbers of Volatile Elements with which you can use for your crafting, or trade/sell for additional Volatile Elements you can use/Gold!

Edit: Good regions to use this Potion:

Hyjal, where the Fire and Stone Elementals are rushing around in the forest near the portal to the Firelands. Another good location is the Cultists Region, depending upon your 'Phasing' status in the map.

Twilight Highlands, at the Zepplin Factory (kick the snot out of the Dwarves or the Goblins, depending upon your Allegiance), at the Obsidian Forest (an excellent place to farm Leather and Dragonscales) or the Twilight Hammer Bastion (a great place to get Volatiles off the Elements, Cloth off the Humanoids, and Ore out of the Elementium Mine)

Uldum, at Orsis (again, Air Elementals for Volatile Air), the region around the Lost City of Tol'vir, especially the coastal region for densely packed crocolisks and snakes, and the Tol'vir to the south and east of the Halls of Origination.

Vash'jir, Subzone Shimmering Expanse, the Naga at the Thelserai Temple and the Naga at the Ruins of Vashj'ir (bottom level) also provide some good cloth drops, high respawn rates as well.

Vash'jir, Subzone Abyssal Depths, the Sea-Creatures around the Promontory Point, and around the south and east of L'Hgorex also provide fast respawn times.

Vash'jir, Subzone Kelp'thar Forest, the region between Gnaw's Boneyard and The Clutch is teeming with Sharks, Murlocs and Naga, all with very fast respawn times, although be aware to leave some sharks as they are quest mobs.

Deepholm provides some excellent pickings, especially the Stone Troggs around Stonehearth and Needlerock Chasm to the West, and the Giants, Troggs and Basilisks of Silvermarsh and the Crimson Expanse are also a good source of NPCs to murder, loot and turn into mulch.
Hrm...I will have to make an alchemist and level them now. >.< That does look really useful. Thank you for sharing this.
I know I have a priest I'm leveling that sure could use the cloth and I still need various elements on Pai for alchemy. Once I get everything I need out of the way I could sell all that stuff for more gold.
Indeed treasure finding potions are fantastic. I get big tips on my main because she's currently one of the few Potion Masters on her server, and people do love those things so! And illusion potions of course...
I sell Portals. It's unfortunate that you can't do it while waiting for a queue pop, but there are always plenty of opportunities and some of the tips are incredibly generous. It adds up very fast for very little overhead. And it's a great way to meet new people!

I also supply light and temperature services during IC club and dance hall events.

Oh, hai Pai.
I'm dirt poor.
Queueing into dungeons when Satchel of Exotic Goods is up has made me practically all of my gold. It's ridiculous as a healer.
Glyph selling, JC shuffle and enchants, rarest blacksmith plans available, AH flipping, and sometimes good old fashioned farming.

If someone says they made a ton of gold and didn't work hard at it or put thought into it, they are a fool.
Using the treasure finding pot on the ghosts in Tol Barad (the wandering orcs near the Horde camp) works too. It's not listed on the potion as included, but it is.

Furthermore if you're an alchemist yourself, I'd actually advise being xmute spec over potion since you'll be able to convert all the volatile life you're getting into volatile air to sell at top ticket. Having a backup disenchanter for all the greens you'll get in the course of one or two treasure pots will just raise your profits even more, and embersilk tends to sell solid no matter the day to day market fluctuations due to tailors (of course) and people grinding out that semi-insane first aid achievement.
I do the JC shuffle.
I get mine mostly through pity.
I used to live off my babydaddy, Fidez, until he became an abusive and violent drinker.
05/03/2012 11:59 AMPosted by Bobbs
I used to live off my babydaddy, Fidez, until he became an abusive and violent drinker.

05/03/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Fidez
I get mine mostly through pity.

uhhh the high life huh?

I play the AH just don't have the will to be in game atm.
I have 110k gold and I don't remember how it got there.
I've always been a bit curious about exactly what people mean by playing the AH. Are you referring to just keeping an eye out for things people have posted too cheaply then going in, buying it and posting higher? If so, do you typically just do it with certain types of armor or weapons or are you keeping track of everything? Or does this have more to do with stockpiling mats of some sort, waiting until supply is low then selling your items at a higher-than-normal price?

I get it if people don't want to go into details, but I've never really gotten my head around how people can make so much money just on the AH.
05/03/2012 11:59 AMPosted by Bobbs
I used to live off my babydaddy, Fidez, until he became an abusive and violent drinker.


05/03/2012 12:05 PMPosted by Aethun
I'm dirt poor.

Yeah... same here. o_o
Sad thing is, I AM an alchemist. Lemme go make some of those potions and do dailies...
I do a bit of everything I guess.
Molten Front dailies every day, maybe TB ones if I feel like it.
Selling all the random BoE Epics and Blues I find while doing said dailies.
Selling enchanting mats after having someone DE the greens I find.
Truegold crafting + procs.
Inferno Ruby transmutes if carnellians are cheap enough.
Selling Valor Boots/Bracers whenever I get enough VP.
LFR + LFD gold rewards.
Farming old raids/dungeons for mog gear also yields a surprising amount of gold.
I used to farm herbs, but haven't had much time for it lately.
Edit; Oh, and selling herbs I pick up while doing dailies.

I think that's about it. I usually make around 700g-1kg per day from all that, depending on if I get a Truegold proc.

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