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Achievements've done 12 WSG total, EVER. That's not 'doing wsg all week', that's trying it once or twice a day then crying about it, even assuming all 12 were this week.

For those having problems with this, try Openraid, I've seen a couple of dedicated groups for the achievements formed on there this week.

As for the complaints...they're really not all that hard if you think about them properly and approach them with a plan. You wouldn't run in and attack a raid boss without a strat would you? So why expect that to work in pvp achievements?

For cooperation, which does happen, sometimes you need to start it off yourself. On my warlock (vicious gear so by no means great resilience) when I went into a WSG to do his, no horde even came to our FR for the first 5m. So, I ran over to theirs, there were 7/8 enemy players in their fr with orphans out, I grabbed the flag, dropped it, they returned it, I grabbed it again and dropped it, someone killed me. I went back and did the same again, this time they'd got the idea, left me alone and cheered me as I gave them all their achievements, meanwhile one of them had gotten his and went to our fr to return the favor, once the alliance were done I went back to ours and got my achievement. Sometimes you have to start the ball rolling. Sure, sometimes people will try to stop you just to be irritating, deal with it, poor kids have to take out their frustration at life somewhere.

For those having problems with this, try Openraid, I've seen a couple of dedicated groups for the achievements formed on there this week.

Seriously, give this a shot.

And to the person who said this is impossible if you aren't a dedicated PVPer, that's baloney. I am a sad, pathetic excuse for a PVP player on the rare occasions I wander into a BG, and I managed to get SoHK last year. It took me 3 days and 13 Warsong Gulches, but I did it. If I can, anyone can.

But reading about the Once an Orphan achievement, I'm really glad that never made it in. Can you imagine if there were an achievement for trying to kill you while you're trying to get SoHK? That would be .... wow, I'm speechless. Then you really WOULD have to be a dedicated PVPer to accomplish it.
I agree with the OP. I too had no idea how to get out of a BG...that's how little knowledge I had about PvP this week. I did get some gear for my main over the past year however and I tried to figure out what was going on in some of the BGs because I knew this was coming up.

For those who say 'the vast majority are just fine with this achieve' I sure would like to know where they get their stats! My informal poling of my fellow guildmates showed that only TWO people had the meta in our entire guild. Almost everyone I asked, both in and out of my guild, said they weren't even going to try it, didn't like PvP, weren't interested in doing a years' worth of events for an ugly purple mount and a speed increase they could simply purchase. I'm guessing the answer might be different on a PvP realm.

I too had only WG left to do and try as I might I couldn't get 'er done last year. And this year wasn't looking any better.... Remember each WG run is 25 minutes plus queue time (unless one side gets 3 flags). So four runs can easily take over 2 hours which is an entire evening's playtime for a lot of us.

Finding friends to help is out, they don't PvP, they're not on when I'm on, or they've left WoW.

So, finally to get WG here's what I did: I stopped trying to attack horde; for me it seems if I threw out a spell I quickly became a target and was mowed down but if I just followed the FC around at a distance no one seemed to care about me. I waited till horde had the flag then tried to stay as close to the Flag Carrier as I could and watched his health bar. As soon as he/she had about 30 percent left I moved into the fray and got as close as I could to the FC and spam clicked where the flag was. This was not without a lot of failures but I did finally get close enough where a couple times I actually saw the little spoked wheel thingie although greyed out. This told me my method just might work! And at long last night before last I finally got it!

Has this intro to PvP made me want to do more? NO!! In fact I think I'll forego any more PvP for a loooong time.

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