[H] 10M 5/8hDS LFM <The Soul Asylum>NeedaTank

Area 52
Currently looking for a Warrior tank with an arms off spec.
Please be 395+ and have yer 4 set bonus. Also be at least 3/8H.

We have the first 5 bosses down pretty well, also any warrior who joins will be the off tank.
So if you like to dps, you'll get yer fair share of dps in.

Raid from 7-11 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Guild Cauldrons, feasts, and repairs are supplied. Post here, or pst me ingame when i am on.


~~~Current Raid Comp~~~

Ret pally
Holy pally
Resto druid
holy priest - shadow offspec
frost death knight
Survival Hunter
Survival hunter
arcane mage
blood dk.
OR u can Hit me up In game and we can chat and ill let Streg know whats up
You guys need any solid dps? I have an alt ret pally 401 itm lvl with 5/8H xp on that toon. This is my main 407 itm lvl (also ret) with 8/8H xp. Would be a very good addition to any dps group.
Currently, I am the ret pally, ilvl 401. Would be sweet to have you, just no open room really, sorry. :/

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