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Hey guyz im in the mitts of getting my guild "legions of destruction" ready for MoP

My focus for getting peoples attention will be my website. Please view it and leave some feedback on here and on the sites iComments tab.... Its just about complete and i would like some feedback before i finish it....

And also what are some tips on convincing people to come over to my guild, cuz as u would have assumed by now it is a lv1 and has no raiding organized yet....

one last thing, although i am happy with my website it has no major pupose, I need some widgets for a roster and I relly relly want to get a raid progress widget like wowstead does....
i am using to build my site so its all done online "this makes it hard to get these"
so if you guys know of a way to help plz do tell

thanks for your help in advance, btw i know there are sites that i can make propper wow guild sites but i dont care THEY ARE UGLY so i dont need to be told :P
sorry typo its

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