[H] 5/8 H 10m LF Heals

<Hell> 5/8 H 10 man LF a skilled Disc Priest and Resto Shaman with dps off spec. We raid Friday and Saturday 5 PM -9 PM (Pacific). If you are interested in putting an application in you can do so at http://hellguild.servegame.com/viewforum.php?f=9 or you can talk directly to Largehawiian, Mealon, or myself in-game or through mail.
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397 Resto shaman 6/8h can make those times except my mains raid time is sat at 7. I have heroic staff for ele but my dps os can only pull like 20k dps. Add me on real id wowftwboy@gmail.com
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Unfortunately we need someone who can make all 4 hours both days.
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i like your guild name.
We are now only looking for a reliable resto shaman specifically.
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Navi doesn't have enough spirit.
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05/06/2012 10:58 AMPosted by Largehawiian
poptarts anyone ?

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hey i heard you like our guild name

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