GDKPs are starting once again!!!

Bleeding Hollow
We are going to be starting gdkps once again.

First off i would like to state this has nothing to do with any guilds out there. This is controlled by some friends of mine and myself.
Due to high demand last xpac and all the people bothering me about starting them back up. I will begin running a weekly GDKP run of DS25 and possibly FL25Hm starting every week starting May.
The following restrictions are in place. I hope everyone understands none of this is meant to keep anyone out, its to ensure that we can clear the instance.These instances will be out for a very long time and as we gear up through this and badges.We will begin to get a bit lax on the requirements. Until then, the following are in place.

1) No Carries - Character needs to look like it belongs in these instances - The toon you wish to bring should be in mostly 370+ gear. Some 365 pieces are ok, and since these will be alts I may over look 1 or 2 pieces of gear - trinkets so long as they are "correct" (ie, you're not a rogue wearing spellpower trinkets) will not be counted against anyone. What I will not tolerate is anything gemmed incorrectly (warriors gemming for spirit, feral druids with spellpower gems, etc), unenchanted gear, or gear with green quality gems. This is not a gimme raid, please do not treat it as such. As with any raid, the needs of the raid and class balance will determine who I take and who I do not.

When I start invites, be on the toon you feel is the most geared/qualified to be in the run. Unless I lack a class, I am not asking anyone to swap toons. I am making the raid with what is invited. I honestly do not care who brings what, so long as they are geared appropriately.

2) Raid > Anything - If there are more than 3 of one class, I will most likely default the best geared into the raid (most likely, but not guaranteed). If I cannot decide who else to take /random will apply. This run is borne out the amount of tells i get on a daily basis, so there may be a waiting list, assuming they are able to show up and stay the entire time. But do not have a set group that i wish to say your going and hes sitting yet.

3) Gold - Any player interested in coming should look to bring at least 40k gold and be willing to spend it. Any player that passes on a legitimate upgrade may not be taken to subsequent runs. I'm not going to force any items on anyone, but having upgrades get DE'ed defeats the point of doing this.

4) Minimum item cost - Most items will start at 1000g.Tokens and trink have not been decided on priec as of yet but will anounce soon.

5) Raid will end 3-4 hours after first pull - the exact amount of time will be stated before we begin; I expect more often than not it will be closer to the 3 hour mark. If we get to the end of the allotted time and 25/25 people decide to do "one more attempt" we may push, but only if that one last go looks like it will clear the boss. Should we wipe more than 5 times to any boss with no progression made, the raid will. If we disband, any gold will be handed out.
Standard GDKP Rules

What is GDKP? Go here for a great overview of how the system works: Elitist Jerks GDKP Thread

TLDR version - 25 people go into an instance, to get loot they "buy" it with gold, at the end the gold gets split among the entire raid.

Some additional clarification:

1) Only gold ON THE CHARACTER IN THE RAID can be used for bidding. Only items which you can use (or sell) may be bid on. For example if you buy something trying to jack the pot up and you get stuck with the item as the higher bidder.Well my friend you are SOL.Sell it do what you want cause if you do not pay for the item,you will be removed from the raid, with no gold.

2) All items will have some price based on how awesome they are. All prices are SUBJECT TO CHANGE week to week. A partial list of items may be compiled before the raid, but again ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

3) At any point during the bidding I may ask you to put the gold you're bidding with in trade. If you do not have it to trade me, I will remove you from the raid. You will not get a share of the gold if this happens. "The gold is on my alt" is not a valid excuse.

4) If you are not present during a bid cause your grandma is on fire, the cat screamed, or your wife is nagging you, then you forfeit your right to bid.

5) If you are not at the kill of the final boss of the night or when the raid is called (the time will be announced at the start of the run for the 3 hour finish), you do not get a share. Only characters in the raid will receive a share of the gold. The raid leader does not get any additional gold.

6) I dont expect it, but any action deemed inconsistent with finishing the run fast (ie, turning on path of frost while falling to anubs room, going up the elevator when asked not to, starting the airship event early) or being on a character named SHELBY will result in being kicked from the raid.

Starting Prices

These prices represent the minimum opening bid - obviously depending on the value of the item they may go much higher.

Please note that Bind on Equip (BOE) items from bosses and trash will be auctioned in the same manner as every other item, the only difference being that the rule stating you must be able to use any item you're bidding on does not apply for BOE items. In other words, BOE items are open for anyone to bid on and win (to send to an alt, to re-sell on the AH, etc.)


Bids need to be entered in 100g increments, in /ra, when the item is called for. Bids over vent, sent as tells, that happen before the item is linked, DO NOT COUNT.

Bidding will not pause for any reason. In other words, check out the loot list at and have a general idea of what you want before it drops. If you are absent during a bid for any reason you forfeit your right to bid.
I am definitely interested in coming, on one of my alts of course.
You should bring some baddie turds that don't get any of the gold split then some carries so they can make cash money. (i'd do this)
Good idea but way too late in the expansion imo. I may be interested for completion sake on a few toons that do not yet have a dw kill. We will see. Add me to friends or whatever and we can go from there.
GKDPs died when they made 10 and 25 share loot....not worth it imo
Anyways now that purpledrink put his 2 words in i guess this can go on. Anyways, they will be starting up this upcomming week.
Should we wipe more than 5 times to any boss with no progression made, the raid will. If we disband, any gold will be handed out.

this needs to be put into english, it almost looks like a loophole for you to disband and keep the gold

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