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I am looking for an addon that will display my combo points above the nameplates of every unit I have combo points on. I know Tidyplates does this pretty well, but only shows them for my current target. I need non target nameplates to display any combo points I have on them as well. Does anyone know if there is an addon that does this? Or a way to make Tidyplates do this?
Considering you can only have Combo Points on one target at a time, I'm kind of unsure of what you're looking for.
Unless you mean for when you swap to another target to do whatever and allow you to easily keep track of where your points are...What black said.
I did not know that I can only have combo points on one target at a time (got this rogue through scroll of resurrection. so I haven't had it that long), but yes Thug, that is my goal.

Any ideas on how to make that happen?
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got this rogue through scroll of resurrection.
Your kind is not welcome here.
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got this rogue through scroll of resurrection.
Your kind is not welcome here.

Anything constructive would be most helpful in getting me out of "here" and back to the game. Please and thank you.

I am just looking for an addon that will display my combo points above the nameplate of a non target.
I don't think anything like that is available simply because only one target can have the rogue's CPs on it. Why wouldn't you attack the target with your CPs on it?

I just don't see the point.
You do realize that the second you generate a combo point on your target it drops them off of the other person correct?

Seems like you are looking for something that is completely useless.
There are times when I need to switch targets, like to blind a healer. Blind does not generate a combo point, so any previously generated combo points would not fall off. If, at such a time, I am in a BG and there are many enemies, I want to be able to see exactly which enemy I had just switched from to do the Blind so that I can quickly switch back to them without having to search through the moving mass of nameplates. This is why the function of having combo points displayed above the nameplates of NON targets is what I am looking for.

Yes, I did realize that, right after reading Blacksad's response. Despite the fact, what I am looking for is not useless. Unless you consider eliminating a gap between switching targets useless (I would hope not).

Oh well, it is apparent that such an function, or addon with that function, does not exist (or at least the rogue community does not know of one yet). I will just create an annoying modifier for Tab and get used to the "Target last target" keybind. Thank you for the feedback that some of you provided me.
I'm not real big on PvP, but I think for Blinding a target other than the one you're on, you'd probably be better off making a focus macro or something and setting the healer to focus. That way you wouldn't even have to switch off your main target at all to get your Blind on that healer.
I've tried that, it works very well in the Arena because you just need to set focus on that one target and then they stay focused unless they Shadowmeld or Feign Death. But in random BG's, there are many more possible focus targets. What happens is that you end up having to change targets anyways every time you need to re-focus. Additionally, I don't want to make a focus target modifier macro for every CC I have. Thank you for the suggestion though, I may try it out again and just suck it up.
shift+tab or w/e you have target nearest enemy on, will make you target your last target.
Just get Tidyplates, as you mentioned in your original post. As you play the class more, you'll learn when you have points left over, how many you have, etc. It will become second nature-ish.
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Necro op
This thread contains outdated information.
Today, Combo Points automatically carry on from target to target, meaning you could generate 3 cp on mob A, then generate 2 cp on mob B, and still be able to immediately use a 5 cp finisher on mob C.

In the upcoming expansion, (Legion), there's a high chance that Combo Points will be shown on the rogue instead of the target.

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