Scroll of Resurrection hack?

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Actual Blizzard Link:


I know posting a link to a site is considered bad but i feel blizz should have the name of the site so they can look into it, so going to add some ...s to the end so a simple copy and paste wont work.


The page is remarkably JUST LIKE the actual blizzard site. I got the click off a Scroll of Resurrection... from someone i dont know. i admit clicking the thing was probably stupid since i didnt know the sender, but it looks just like the one i got from my friend, which i have been contesting with Blizzard so thought maybe blizz sent it, but w/e. The neat thing is my virus picked it up immediately, changed pw, scanning and everything now.

Anyway, wow good job whoever put that site together. It is WAY better than any other hack/keylog crap ive ever come across.
Glad you caught the phishing attempt, Niceuseofcds.

Hackers are getting more and more creative when it comes to phishing attempts. I have removed both links. Players can and do get curious, and we don't want them visiting the phishing site by mistake.

Do you still have the email? If so, retrieve the full email headers and forward the email to our Hacks team for review: Instructions on how to locate the full email headers can be found on the following support article.

Will do that in just a minute. Thanks
Forwarded along.

Every other attempt has had terrible English or just a bad site layout or terribly off link.

Guessing Blizzard cant just buy all of the possibly variations of .coms/.nets?

Thanks for turning me onto the headers thing. Sent the owner an email <removed>.
Sent the owner an email <removed>.

By doing that you just confirmed to the hacker that your e-mail account is valid and read. Probably not a good idea.
Sent the owner an email <removed>.

Keep in mind that the phishing emails can sometimes come from email accounts that have been hacked as well, not necessarily the hacker themselves.

Removed your comment. I know you're upset, or may have even said that in a joking manner, but please follow the Forum Code of Conduct when posting here. :)
Was only joking, since doing that over something so minor in the grand scheme is way beyond even my level of aggression.

My email is active and read. Not sure what that would matter though? Now I'm more aware then I was even a couple hours ago about how much more attention needs to be paid. So i dont see how useful that information is though.
That they have that information.. they COULD potentialy try and break into your email account (mass mailing, they may not know if there was actualy a recipiant, but replying to them, lets them know there was.
They could try automated email password resets through blizzard.
Not very useful, as 3 passwords changes and the account locks, but they could try brute force.

Just overall, best not to give them it to begin with :)

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