Like-minded raiders wanted for pre-MoP reroll

Guild Recruitment
Hi there, thanks for taking the time to open this thread.

I'm looking to form a new reroll guild with the goal of being 85 and having some DS heroic progression before the launch of MoP. Why a reroll you ask? Well, no other form of guild creation gives the members a sense of togetherness and it's the best way to form a tight group of raiders before you've even begun raiding.

This is not a recruitment post for regular members, this is simply a pulse check for current heroic tier progression raiders looking to take on responsibility in a end game progression environment in MoP.

My Credentials:
- 8/8H 25m this tier
- 7 year WoW veteran
- Nearly endless amounts of time to devote to game if need be
- Raid leading experience

Plain and simple, I'm looking for people interested in being officers and helping me run the guild. If you feel like this is an undertaking you'd want to be a part of in a leadership role, contact me one of the ways below and I'd love to talk your ear off.

Forum post here
In-game mail to Tanji (US Anub'arak H)
Going to be online checking thread/Skype for the next hour or so
Online for a bit longer tonight, will be on most of the day tomorrow too
Edited in my "credentials", if you'd even call them that.

Headed offline for the night, will check back in the morning. Hopefully someone thinks this is something they'd be interested in and we can get started brainstorming as soon as possible.
Back online today
Man I love Smallville.
posting on your main may merit more response
I'd rather keep the anonymity as I'm just trying to find interest, not really strictly recruiting or anything. If anyone were to want proof of my achievements or character, I would be willing to provide it in private.
Going to be online late tonight if anyone is interested in contacting me.
I would be interested in joining/helping with this reroll.
Are you planning on Alliance or Horde?
If you're going Horde, I have started something like this and I would be interested in joining with you to create a guild for MoP. is my Real ID, if you want to add it and talk with me.
Sorry, went out of town and missed the thread. I added my realID because I think that's the easiest way to get in touch.

@Blindtank: Contact me in-game through my realID.
@Skycaller: Haven't decided yet.
Headed to bed for the night, will be checking tomorrow.
Going to be on until late tonight. Feel free to add my realID or post here if you're interested.
Experiencing the terrors of low level dungeoning
RaF is like a drug.
This is just what I am looking for. Ill hit you up on realID to talk some more details.
Great! A lot of forward progress today, hoping to hear from some other new people before the day's over as well.
Went from baby steps to leaps and bounds today. Lots of interest, lots of good news.

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