What's your Favourite TV Shows?

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I've been really into Game of Thrones I love the beheading and i cant wait for the RPG Game...Its released on the same day as Diablo III ;)

As well as Merlin but since Merlin isn't continuing until Autumn (In the U.K) and Game of Thrones isn't releasing the next episode until the 6th i want something to fill the void.

So post your all time Favourite TV Shows here, Lets see what's the most popular show.
Breaking Bad.

Only shows I've ever really 'got into'. I don't watch TV often.
Breaking Bad and It's Always Sunny as far as shows that are still running.

Overall, probably Arrested Development and Seinfeld.

I've been meaning to start watching The Wire for ages, so that might end up becoming a favorite as well.
1. Mythbusters
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Deadliest Warrior
4. South Park
5. Face-Off

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