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Greetings, everyone. =)

SECURITY is a server staple; an established institution of higher WoW-ing that has been around, in one form or another, since Arthas came online on 11/23/04. We are a proud and active member of the server community in both facets of the game.

Due to the drastic reduction in interest, population, and other factors, the guild no longer has an organized raiding group, but would like to establish one. The guild encourages participation through rated and non-rated battlegrounds, arenas, 5-man content, mats farming, and other non-raid events. These events are user-driven, user-scheduled (that is, not scheduled by management).

The guild has an operating Ventrilo that members are welcome to use for both playing and socializing, and supports the OpenRaid movement of cross-realm raiding as a supplement to guild and server activities (learn more at OpenRaid.us).

Inquire with Whiteleaf for more information regarding recruitment. If Whiteleaf isn't online, send an in-game mail. Remember that guild invites cannot be sent until both parties are online!

The guild forum can be found at: http://security.winterion.com

If you have any questions, fire away. Hope to see you SECURING Arthas soon.

Welcome back whiteleaf!
Well, I've been around, but I haven't really been raiding. Work, school, hockey, etc. Came back for the sake of the guild. Someone has to keep it old school on this server. ;D
Goodluck man, slim pickings ally side :/
I can be your Rogue. :D
best of luck sir whiteleaf what ever you do you do
05/03/2012 10:33 PMPosted by Xlord
Goodluck man, slim pickings ally side :/

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
-Teddy Roosevelt
05/04/2012 01:27 AMPosted by Skypez
best of luck sir whiteleaf what ever you do you do

Oh, I think you're thinking of my 'goodbye' quote, for everyone that leaves.

Wherever you go, there you are.
-as found on a shrine beneath Tristram

That's totally relevant again with D3 coming out, isn't it?
05/03/2012 11:08 PMPosted by Mordiss
I can be your Rogue. :D

You could, but we're looking to recruit in order to transition from normal to heroic. If Battle.net is to be believed, you haven't cleared normal yet, and I don't really know what your gear situation is, but we'd ideally be looking for people that we can plug in and instantly make the transition to start working on that 0/8H number, rather than continue to work on 8/8N (something we've kind of been doing with a few pugs every week, and would like to move on from.)
All hail the mighty Mr.Leaf
05/04/2012 11:42 AMPosted by Whiteleaf
best of luck sir whiteleaf what ever you do you do

Oh, I think you're thinking of my 'goodbye' quote, for everyone that leaves.

05/05/2012 03:39 PMPosted by Kenpostorm
I'll join with you, currently I'm raiding with TB and Furor, but my Death Knight and Rogue can replace them if i come to SECURITY, I've only done Morchokk on heroic difficulty but i am familiar with the other fights excluding heroic spine

Very cool. Send me an in-game mail.
Best of luck to one of the few names I still recognize from years ago.
Welcome back :D Miss the old Explicit vs SECURITY days
Ep, thanks a ton. Goodness knows, I'll need the luck. =)

Malgus, high five, long time no see. I was never really into the rivalries the way the rest of the guild was. I don't have that ultra-competitive streak in me unless it's hockey.
Hey Whiteleaf
If you're still missing some raiders for raid days let me know, you know our guild will help ya out any time. Just let me know what days. Goodluck.
Tokoo, thanks! This week, we're raiding Thursday at 8pm EST, but we'll be making the transition to Wednesdays at 8pm EST very soon, like in a week or two.

Get me the names of some interested people, or have them fire me some in-game mail, etc. I'll update my spreadsheets.
Well I either have one that will tank or heal, and a rogue. I no both them have went 8/8 and have a lil HM exp. I will talk with them, and let ya know.
I'd love to help fill in if needed. Finals, RL, Babies, D3 etc. have put the breaks on so my raid schedule is open.

6/8H, Orangies, 398 Mage alt as well if either could be of use. A day or 2 heads up so I can schedule my evening appropriately.

not sure if it's a problem, but I can't leave my G tag as I'm one of the more active/online members with Officer (Help peeps out with mats/ginvites etc.)

I'll be around!
Sounds good, Jar. A rogue is definitely on our to-acquire list. The help will be appreciated. =)

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