[A] SECURITY -- An Arthas Institution

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Blizzard needs to sit down and address all the issues and problems that have been creeping up and creeped up since the release of this xpac. It had so much potential and good ideas but then they just did a terrible job of implementing them. It really makes me sad.

I was only dissapointed with blizz one other time.....when the great hunter nerf hit the months pre cata. (the one were they nerfed our dmg by a ton and took out many fun abilities and pvp abilities). I was dissapointed in hunters then. However now I am dissapointed int he expansion as a whole. It really just makes me sad.

<(q.q<) kirby is crying! D:
Bo knows bumps....and dps.

Sup 'Leaf, Trophias. :) Let me know if you want to "put the band back together." I got plenty of toons that can make a comeback here.
Sup Bo! If you wanna come back over, Just send me a tell, I'm usually on Trophias or my warlock, Puppy
Bohemond? No kidding! Long time no see, buddy. =)
I feel like it's been a long time since I pushed this up, but you know, since the Alliance is getting kind of exclusive and cozy, there's no better time than now to hang out with the original school. =)
Hey ! What's up? =)
Things are good here. Just quiet - hoping to bring some more social/talkative folks on board, liven up the atmosphere.
whiteleaf come to sargeras XD you can still be alliance
Nah. I'm basically retired and relaxing on the front porch, holding the fort down here.
Appreciate the offer, though.

Also, you could have totally asked without necro'ing this, lol.
Nice thread I haven't seen it til now. I check in on old Arthas every now and then.
11/27/2012 11:24 AMPosted by Poho
I use to play arthas horde durin pre-bc and BC under the name of "Joho". I was a top pvp warrior who was top of the arena 3v3/5v5 brackets (top 5) and top 20 2v2.
I came back and I still recognize that "SECURITY" tag. I remember guilds like, Retribution, FATE and Hidden. I'm in Rets 3rd 5v5 roaming pvp video, lul.

oh my. the "ohos" from the relinquished? How I hated (envied) you bastards! Also Rii quit and was a DJ with some nice tracks online last I saw a few years ago. Can't remember it though.

I was in Ascended, TKT, and TheVindicate mostly during pre-bc up until 1.12-2.0ish then went horde. Left and came back many times but was only on Arthas for pre-BC and the very end of WotLK. I was in SECURITY for a little bit during that pre-cata wait/patch time. Nice honor and nostalgia feels. Its a shame the realm is dominated by horde now and not many familiar guilds. Sargeras seems to be where the party is now.
I just came back after not playing most of this expansion and plan on playing in WoD. It'd be nice to come to Arthas and see some old people :) Most of my characters are on Korgath now. Hello to Kaldor, Ceej, Gilderoy, Alexariel, Tehbelzer or anyone still around!
Do you think Arthas Alliance will perk up a bit when Warlords starts? I read a forum rumor that Blizz is going to implement free race change to servers like this, but only Horde can transfer to Alliance. But if not, I still want to raid again, it was actually pretty fun, even though we went 6/8H or something
Arthas Alliance essentially died early Cata. It thrashed around a bit until partway through DS, but at this point I'm pretty confident it isn't coming back.
In WoD the AH will be connected between both factions. That's great news for alliance on Arthas. May be more people will play now =)
Hey whiteleaf xD i was on Arthas ally Django but xfered to further my pvp career lol but add my btag if you ever need a warrior for rbgs or raids even Freedom22#1806
I would come back to Arthas in a heartbeat if some of the old players would come back as well. I miss Arthas!

BTW, I see Gilderoy and Fiream everyday at work!
So I heard from a little bird Security is back - is it true?
11/08/2016 11:44 AMPosted by Drakote
So I heard from a little bird Security is back - is it true?

Drakote! :) Yes, its true.

Blast from the past.....

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