A problem with Warrior Tanks as a Healer?

Hello. I came to the Warrior Forums today to ask a question about Warrior tanks. When me or my friend [Who is a Holy Paladin.] heal our other friend who is a Warrior Tank, we notice he is a bit harder to heal compare to the other tanks we heal, let them be Druids, Death Knight, Paladins, and sometimes other Warriors. I want to say it is just him, but I can't recall the last time I heal another Warrior tank in a run before, so I don't know if this is just an overall Warrior tank problem or just him.

This is a link to his Warrior.

So really, I was just wondering if this is just a problem with all Warrior tanks or just him.

[Also, I don't know if I am allow to post a link to another toon or not. I remember something about a rule on this or calling someone out, but I can't remember it at this time.]
I mean, he is way under CTC cap, completely unenchanted, and has a pretty odd spec.

It's just him.
Are you talking about PVP?
Talking about PvE. I have been looking over his gear and spec a bit, I see some changes that could happen. I did have to look into this thing called CTC which I never heard before so I learn about it.

How could he spec or gem different to fix this problem of his? We are working on getting his other tanking gear as we speak.
Alright, we got him all setup and everything now. His CTC right now is about 94% which was a 10%+ increase from where he was. He also says thank you for the macro and he is less squishier from what my friend said from our runs today. The only thing we have to do is replace his Trinket now which will be for Hour of Twilight.

Thank you for all your help.
Just refreshed armory, so apologies if he's done this, but get him to enchant his gear! The two sockets are so cheap to do, plus an enchant to his gloves and he's bumped his mastery up by 130!

378 = Decent enchant... best if you know you're holding onto it for some time or it's cheap.
397+ = Best enchants.

His meta gem... It's bad. Either go withEternal Shadowspirit Diamond or the Austere Shadowspirit Diamond. I prefer the former.

Also there's a large disparity between Dodge and Parry. For min/max purposes (avoiding diminishing returns on rating), they should be closer... usually Parry ~1-1.5% higher than dodge. Might means another 0.5% towards CTC, but sometimes you have to penny pinch =]
LOL..... That warrior needs ALOT of work. Meta wrong, Reforges, Enchants, shoulder enchant wrong. He might as tank is dps gear.
From what i can gather, he is a baby tank not in a bad way. Just that his gear, needs to improve, what type of instances are you guys tanking. Also Cool down management is very important, remind him to pop his CDs.

Attempt to get the warrior t10 and do more LFR for gear.

There are some small things have to work on like replacing his meta, and small enchants. I think over all, if he is more voical with his CD management, he will be fine.

Good luck

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