Exp Boomkin needs a home

Under geared fluffy little Boomkin looking for a nice home. Is people friendly, loyal and very good natured but is tired of all the baddies in LFR keeping her chained down. Has done a lot of raiding on other servers but all of her "litter mates" transferred here to PvP so she followed. This Boomy is nocturnal and usually active any day of the week after 2PM server often well into the wee hours of the morning. She is very well trained and is defiantly "show quality" as she researches her Boomkin class often in hopes of one day earning the gear she needs to be an Alfa Boomkin in a strong raiding "Pack".
Should you see fit to adopt this soft, fat little Boomy and give her a warm home, please contact me here or even better with an in game mail. The å in my name is alt 134 should you need that to contact me so we can get this Boomkin out of the Chicken coop and into a nice raiding group.

P.S She does seem to show a very odd sense of humor though so it is important that she be adopted by kind and friendly people. :)
you're cute.
05/04/2012 04:25 PMPosted by Mallificent
you're cute.

Nah, I don't, except when I feel like being completely silly. I went with the "Adopt a pet" approach with the hope that it would be a bit more eye catching. I have done a lot of serious raiding with too many serious and huge raiding guilds on my last server and I wanted to show that I am not one of those "nerd ragers" that QQ all over when there is a wipe, that I dont take everything so seriously that it runes the fun of the game.

This cutest, fattest, and fluffiest of Boomkins is still looking for a good home if there are any decent casual raiding guilds on Tich, so if anyone hears of any, please let me know.

Thanks all :D

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