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I found a fix for this. You can go into Directx 9 to stop crashes. But to be sure turn off your AMD graphics card sound, found in device manager. Try out Directx 11 if you would like with the AMD surround sound off. The buzzing seems to be coming from there.
I have the same problem. Radeon HD 7870. It mostly seems to always lock up during Yor'sahj in DS. Everything freezes, can't use reset button and sound freezes making that buzzing sound.

EDIT: My card isn't Sapphire it's Gigabyte. Also using Asus px79 motherboard with i7 3820 2011 chipset.

This only seems to happen in WoW for me and mostly during raids. I can run around Org for hours and nothing, jump into DS and always happens.
Thank god I'm not alone in this, I thought I messed up my pc. I recently just upgraded my XFX Radeon HD 5870 to Diamond Radeon HD 7970 and my pc just freeze up with buzzing sound coming from the speaker while playing wow. No black screen, picture just freezes and I have to do force restart.

This been happening on both beta and live, I wasn't doing anything specific when it happens, sometimes when I was putting item on auction house then crash, sometime I was just doing quests and just freeze up.

I updated driver to the latest one ver 12.6 released on 6/28/2012 and it's still happening. I haven't tried the beta driver yet maybe I should give it a try.

I'm also playing wow on Directx 11 so I'll try switching out to Directx 9 and see if it fix the problem. I've also disabled the AMD graphic sound as Duracells suggested. It's hard to test this though because I have no clue when the freeze would occur, maybe I should run stopwatch and record the time...

Lastly my system:

CASE: Antec Twelve Hundred
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66ghz (liquid cooling using Corsair H80)
MEM: Corsiar 24GB
HDD: Hitachi 750gb 32mb buffer
GPU: Diamond AMD HD7970 3gb DDR
Soundcard: Crative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium
Power: Kingwin 1000W
Aight I've just done 2 hours of questing on beta in Pandaria, followed by 3 hours of mats farming on live on 2 different toons. That's 5 straight hours of wow and I had no crash. I think at least on my end I've fixed the issue.

Again what I did is changed Directx 11 to Directx 9 AND disabled AMD High Definition Audio Device (suggested by Duracells) from device manager under Sound, video, and game controllers.

I hope this helps people with same problem. I'll still keep close eyes though.
I gona try update it again and try what Duraham did.

Ok i found the problem, and i have played for last 5 days without any crash but another problem occured.

The reason why game freezes is because WoW does not support the last version(s) of the graphic drivers. atm AMD catalyst driver 12.7 is out and i had to downgrade all the way down to 12.1 for it to work, one of the first drivers since release in January. Problem with this is that all other games loses performance due old outdated driver. Xsplit does not work either.

But i also see it is some Nvidia people here also my guess is that WoW suddenly had an update or something happend that made WoW not supportable with latest drivers on both sides because it worked fine some weeks ago. I would like others to try the same downgrade back to old drivers and see if you dont freeze.

There is not only this thread but a big one in EU also.

Very nice found Totem, sadly my wow just crashed not a moment ago while farming mobs so it's definitely not a permanent fix...

12.1 driver you say? If the current AMD driver isn't supported by wow hell I think we are all out of luck till they fix it. Not sure if I want downgrade driver just to play wow, I got other games too so.

Gah this is pissing me off.

Edit: I'll try 32 bit client instead of 64 bit to see if it makes difference...
Ok...no more testing for me for bit while. I just fried my graphic card.

Long story short, I was installing VGA Cooling Unit and when I turned on the PC it fried my graphic card and PCI express slot with it. It was just bad.

I've reverted back to my old graphic card, Radeon 5870. I'll get the replacement soon but hope this issue will be fixed by then.
I have been having this problem on my 7970 if I go above the CAT 12.3 driver. Never thought of trying it in DX9 mode...will give that a shot.

I been having the exact same problem. I dont have the ATi sound driver installed however.
any news on this front? still got same problem.
Hi everyone!

I too found that I'm plagued with the same problem as you, and I got another crash earlier today.

I bought the 7970 from Gigabyte as soon as it was available last winter.
Everything was fine this winter until I upgraded the drivers a few months ago. Then the random crash started. It happens when I'm farming mat mostly, or not doing anything very intensive.

I find it strange though that WoW isn't supporting the latest drivers of that top card since it's out for 6+ months already. Might try to install back the old drivers and see what happened.
Diamond support wasn't doing $hit so got mine replaced with Gigabyte one this time.

And of course the crash still occurs time to time. What's worse is this time my screen goes black and crashes when I'm not even playing WoW. I'm beginning to think there might be something wrong with the card itself...

Installed the latest beta driver and rerouted some PSU cable to the card, let's see what happens.
bump I am having the same problem with my 7950.

When it crashes my entire comp freezes with a buzzing noise. Only happens with WoW, nothing else.
having same prob as you guys, every driver past 12.3 = wow crash and have to hard boot the pc, i gave up and im just stickng with 12.3 driver till someone fixes this prob, sad thing is i get better performance in wow from the 12.4 through 12.6 drivers but cant use them cause of the random wow freeze :( no crash at all from 12.3 though surely someone will figure this out and fix it soon.
I'm having the same issue with the freezing during raids and having to hard reset my computer, I had been off wow for a while but decided to come back ready for the next expansion with my new 7970 and bam it keeps crashing every 20mins to an hour. I thought at first it may have been my overclock but after seeing all the responses i'm glad to see its not, Blizz, please look into this soon.
I recently tried Blacklight: Retribution and encountered the same problem. About 20min or so into the game, my entire computer freezes and becomes unresponsive with the buzzing noise. So far only WoW and BLR have this issue.

Dota2, SC2, Diablo3, TF2 have no issues.
Same issue, Gigabyte HD 7950.

Using 12.3 drivers seems to resolve the problem.
just tried 12.8, fail! a few minutes on Lfr spine and computer freeze have to hard reboot same crap, 12.4,5,6,7,8, all wow fail drivers this is ridiculous, 5 new drivers all cause the same wow freeze, come on somebody do something :( have 7970 and im stuck with 12.3 drivers Forever! if i want to play wow!, im just blown away that no one has fixed this yet! :( sad....
If going back to older drivers fixes it, make sure you report the issue to AMD as well. They have a link for submitting feedback (including bugs) on the various driver download pages. Look for the Windows Vista/Windows 7 Driver Feedback link right down the bottom and fill out the following form to the best of your ability.

http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/Pages/radeon_vista-64.aspx is one such download page, if you don't feel like searching.

*ed: I'm unsure whether a similar feature exists for XP, but given dropping back from DX11 to DX9 can help the situation I'd say most people in this thread aren't using XP (it doesn't support DX11, after all).

I know I personally make a habit of re-testing every fault I've found with each successive Catalyst release and lodging an updated report (though I can say my 7970 hasn't given even a moment's trouble in WoW). The more feedback they get, the better able they'll be to fix it.
So it looks like temp fixes are as follows.

1. 12.4 and beyond drivers must run using DX9
2. 12.3 for DX11
So glad I found this thread, this is a very frustrating issue, since its impossible to troubleshoot (no error logs, no indication of why/what/where is causing it). So add me to the list of unhappy 7970 owners with the hard lock crash with buzzing noise!

Happens mainly in LFR for me, but consistently in dungeons as well. Has also happened in high population areas where there is any type of action (auction house, outside in the dueling hotspots).

I am using the beta 12.7 drivers right now, and have tried everything under the sun, with the exception of switching to DX9, and disabling the ATI audio via device manager. I will try those out and post my results.

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