Dawn of War 2 vs Starcraft 2

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Which game did you enjoyed playing more?
dawn of war has better staying power in single player, sc2 was more fun
DoW2 was a waste of money. I'm not even sure you can call it an RTS.

Starcraft 2 on the other hand is amazing. Straight up superb.
I had more fun with Dawn of War 2 just because it's more casual. I found Starcraft 2 more stressful to play. However, Starcraft 2 all the way for eSports. DoW2 not balanced or interesting enough to watch. Nothing wrong with the Starcraft 2 campaign. It is amazing but once you beat it, there isn't much non-stressful play available. Just custom maps which are hit and miss. I check out custom maps from time to time. Sometimes find a good one.
Dawn of War 2 was meh. I prefer the old RTS Dawn Of War(Soulstorm)

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