Why is Wow's in-game music so terrible?

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I will play with in game music or listen to music/podcasts depending on my mood, but in general I like Wow music. Grizzly Hills blew me away the first time I heard it.
05/04/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Demonwolf
I love the WoW music.

Seriously, I can't play this game without music on. It just doesn't feel right. It's like eating a hamburger without the patty.

I think the WoW music is incredible. I get lost in it all the time. But I suppose it comes down to taste.
<-- Enables All the Music
I love the in-game music. I've bought 2 sets of it and intend to buy more.
05/04/2012 03:26 PMPosted by Taercennx
Spend a day in Karazhan listening to the music. I go there once in a while just for it.

I think that's similar to the Blasted Lands theme, every time I head to the Dark Portal I stop and listen to it for a bit.
Storm peaks music is EPIC.
I've had music turned off since like, BC. Haven't ever turned it back on.
I honestly would like to see the percentage of players that actually have in-game music enabled while they play World of Warcraft. Having played the game since launch, the only song I can recall off the top of my head that was incredible and atmospheric was the one that plays during the fight with Ragnaros (Molten Core).

Other than that, it's the same recycled bg/capital/login music, and most of it holds a tone and tempo that would put most gamers to sleep. Why doesn't Blizzard give any real attention to this part of the game in each expansion? If you want to really immerse gamers in the world and instill long-lasting nostalgia, you would be focusing more on this aspect of the game, which I'm sure many find severely lacking.

Thank you.

I want to respect that this is your experience. However, for me, it is the opposite. I'll travel somewhere that will trigger the music that I heard while "growing up" in the Barrens (when I was a Tauren) and man, I'm just hit with nostalgia. Ashenvale music also does something to me. I also remember STV music from those early days.

Then there's Azurmyst Isle and the song for the BE beginning area that I know instantly when it starts playing. Not to mention Lament of the Highborne.

I remember, after over a year of playing Horde, I ran my first Alliance character into the SW and the music, as you run up between the statues sent goosebumps down my arms.

Grizzly Hills - love the music from there.

Sometimes I do play with the music off, as I'm watching a TV show or something else. But I play with it on quite often. Especially when encountering new areas.

I actually listen to a couple of the soundtracks while at work - makes me feel more epic in my job. = )
Ever been to Karazhan? Grizzly Hills? Ashenvale? Some really amazing music in those zones, and all over the game.
05/04/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Willyshatner
I don't think it's terrible per say, I would rather think it's just like any other good thing. Too much exposure becomes repetitive, due to the epic nature of the composure of the music itself.

I love the WoW music, but I do turn looping off, so that when it comes on its like "oh hey its nice music". It's a treat.

It is my opinion that many gamers are afraid their man-parts may shrivel up and die if they spend too much time listening to what may be considered "classical" music. So they put on the headphones and listen to whatever crap insecure gamer dudes listen to and complain that WoW's music is "terrible".

I keep game sounds (including music) on even when I'm in Vent to raid. It's not hard to balance the sounds so that you can hear everything.
05/04/2012 03:25 PMPosted by Liamaru
Lament of the Highborne is definatly one of the best. The major reason I am still working on getting shadowmourne Done for that Music Box

You can actually listen to it anytime you want to in game if you use this macro

/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Music\\GlueScreenMusic\\BCCredits_Lament_of_the_Highborne.mp3")
I've played hundreds and hundreds of games and the only game that beats blizzard is the final fantasy series (the original 9).

Seriously the music CD is one of the major purchasing points to buying the collectors edition.
Crazy post. Some of the best video game music ever. Wouldn't be WoW without it.
I have the in-game music on when I'm not listening to Cinemagic on SiriusXM. The WoW in-game music is some of the best (second only to Jesper Kyd who does the music for the "Assassin's Creed" series; my husband and I absolutely LOVE that music!).

Not every zone is a rehash of other themes, as you suggest. Outland sounds nothing like Northrend. Zangarmarsh is vastly different from Hellfire. Nagrand does not put me to sleep; I find that it fits the zone's atmosphere perfectly.

The music that was re-scored for the new Old World content finally got it right.

For each expansion, the music offers a new and different score to that of the previous expansion. I think the composers did, and will continue to do, a fantastic job.

*Oooo, and OP, sorry, but looks like your thread done got buried!
In western games, music is treated as glorified ambiance. Even if there's a lot of effort spent on the music, it just never takes center stage.

That's why the best music is in JRPGs.
Agreed with Rystian. Storm Peaks music is great. Sholazer Basin, Ulduar, Grizzly Hills etc. Not to mention Kara. Who didn't love the music by Moroes? lol.
Anyone that says WoW's music is terrible is trolling or has bad taste. Even though I don't always leave the music on, I really do appreciate how good it is.
This topic title makes me sad. :(

We put a lot of effort into our music. If you actually [url="http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/games/music/"]go through it[/url] and listen you'll find a much broader breadth of styles than you might notice in the game. There are a few photos available via that link as well that provide just a glimpse of the recording and mixing processes.

I often go hang out in Grizzly hills just because of the amazing music. Many criticisms are legitimate to wage against blizzard. Bad music just isn't one of them.

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