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I was looking to buy a new computer from the website I mentioned in the title, www.ibuypower.com, and the price seems good for the quality of computer im getting. It seems almost too good compared to the Alienware I was considering, so I just want to know if anyone else bought a computer from them, and if it was the quality you expected etc. I just don't want to drop a large sum of money, and get a peice of junk. Thanks for the help.

tldr; Is www.ibuypower.com a legit website that I can trust will get me a high quality computer, with what I customized?
I got this current computer from them, costed be 1000 dollars and I can run EVERYTHING on max. Very good. They are legit
I don't really know the first thing about building computers, or I would... = /
Is there something better you could recommend?
cyberpower seem to have better rep then them
I bought a computer from them a couple months back. Spent about 2 grand. It runs how it should, wiring is done nicely, and I am very happy with it.

All I can say is, don't buy from them if you are in a hurry. It may have been because I ordered around the beginning of income tax season, but it took them a week and a half to get it to me, when I paid extra for quick shipping and assembly.

All things considered, I'd buy from them again.
I recommend the Game, Gaming, and Hardware forums, which you can find under Games, Entertainment, and Technology section. You'll get a much more informed discussion than you will from General.
They're on the level. I can't vouch for their quality, either in terms of components, customer support, or build, but they're a legitimate business without a huge pile of complaints.

Personally, I build all my own computers.

If you want the best build for the best price, go maingear.
My next computer will be a ASUS G75VW laptop from bestbuy, it's $1250. I've been using a ASUS laptop to play wow for 2 years now and it's awesome.
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So you choices are a custom made or a Dell. Alienware is no more then a name owned by dell they sold out. I'd build it myself.

Dell is crap. CRAP, I tell you. I've had a Dell, I've known several other people who've had Dells over the years, and not a single one of them was happy with their PC.

If you're going with a pre-built rather than a custom, I'd recommend HP.
I used to own a Dell XPS, which is equal quality to many of the top-end Alienware PCs, and let me tell you, the Dell XPS case is amazing! The metal and plastic is so thick and feels so sturdy that I bet I could pick up my XPS off the ground, drop it on the ground and nothing would crack or dent! There was also so much room inside, the architecture for the air passage is so well designed it kept everything cool. What a great design... well no duh, I paid $3000 for the damn thing 3 years ago! >_<

Then I got a ibuypower PC. Why? Cause I didn't wanna waste money on just a case. I wanted better specs and I'm very satisfied with my new ibuypower. I paid half the price of what I would of had to pay if I got another Dell XPS or Alienware for the SAME PC SPECS!!!!!!

But the ibuypower case feels cheaper. The plastic and metal is thinner. I would never dare pick this thing up and drop it on the floor! The front panel would just crack. The metal casing would have a dent. But really? Who goes around picking up their PCs and dropping them on the floor? Is that really a reason to spend hundreds of more dollars just to have a durable case? The ibuypower NZXT is a gamer case, and everything is pretty well ventilated. I dunno if the architecture isn't as good as what Alienware does, but for the price I paid, it keeps it cool!

IMHO. Alienware is just a luxury! If you're rich, money is not an issue, and you wanna show off at LAN parties or to people that come visit your computer room, then Alienware is the way to go. But even if you're like me and you really don't care about showing off your bad@$$ overpriced PC case, then go for ibuypower. The components are all identical to what you'll get in an Alienware and you'll save hundreds of dollars... cause that's all you're paying for... the case!
I am not familiar with that company, but I have 2 Dell Alienware computers that I love. Once is an M14 laptop the other is my desktop it's an R3. I do love them, but they are pricy. lol Tech support is very good though at helping me with any issues that do come up. Only had 1 of those (issues,) and it was easily fixed.

The Alienware computer models change frequently, but they still are great for the game whichever one is currently being sold.
With Alienware, you're also buying the brand.
ibuypower is a legitimate builder. Customer service isn't top notch. If you want to spend a lot more for case lighting, and still get incredibly crappy customer service, go with Dell (Alienware).

Might want to look into digital storm if you're interested in a builder that provides customer service. Prices are higher than ibuypower but competitive or better than Alienware.
I really recommend building your own computer.

I bought a computer from ibuypower years ago, and it came to me shoddily wired and put together. Took me a few hours to figure out what was wrong with it.

Two years ago I built my first computer with only a basic tutorial I found online and it was infinitely better.
My current desktop came from them two years ago. ~$1000 and it plays Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 on max settings perfectly.

And will all these geeks saying "build your own computer" PLEASE shut up? Not all of us are electricians or mechanics, we don't know and don't really care to learn technical skills we can pay someone a little bit more to do for us.

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