[H] Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

So after switching mains part way through the initial tier of Cata, I never got to finish up this meta on one toon

I'd like to buckle down and finish the remaining achievements, and of course I'm more than willing to help with achievements I don't have, and I hope that any potential takers would do the same.

There are about 8 achievements I'm missing, and just about all of them should be trivialized at current gear levels.

If anyone's interested, leave a post here then we can share RealIDs if we have a solid group

All roles welcome

Now on Openraid to make things easier
If you still need an extra I would be willing to go.

I can dps or tank, but I would rather dps.
Really nobody else in the same boat? I wanna get this stuff done!
I can Tank or DPS on my DK he still needs it aswell
Well all that leaves is 2 spots, again, any role

To clarify, I'll aim to do these at 6-7pm EST any time during the week, unless another time works better.

Feel free to leave you RealID here, or send me an ingame mail
Updated with openraid.us to make scheduling, sign up and all that much simpler
Was just able to get on with my Real-Id sent.

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