New to Ravenholdt / guild idea?

Oy, Ravenholdt! I just rolled a new character here and wanted to introduce myself (and pitch an idea). I started playing WoW about a year before Cataclysm came out on a different RP-PVP server, but have only ever played Horde. I got kinda bored recently, and realizing there's an entire faction of content I've never experienced, decided to roll Alliance despite my previous despise for the faction. (It's amusing how quickly I've come to hate the Horde, though, after stepping into a gnome's shoes. The tauren are so big! And undead so smelly. Don't get me started on the goblins.)

Anyway, I've decided to go for the full-on new player effect by starting fresh on a new server with nothing. (I chose Ravenholdt because from what I've read it's Horde heavy, giving me more targets in WPVP.) I want to take my time and immerse myself in the world as much as possible. I won't be using the dungeon finder because I feel like this takes players out of their server world (the only world that matters as far as I'm concerned), and there is enough content to be explored in-world without being instantly transported to dungeons made up of people from different servers who you've never met, and will never see again. It's 50/50 that people will even say "hi" at the beginning of a random dungeon group, much less give 2 sh*ts about the people they're running with. I want a sense of community, something that's completely lost when power leveling through the game in random dungeons. Dungeons are fine, but I'd rather run them as a reward for finding 4 more players my level who want to explore together, and have to actually find the entrance.

Would anyone be interested in rolling new characters and forgoing the random dungeon finder in favor of questing and server-only dungeon runs? Eschewing the random battleground finder, instead entering battlegrounds through their in-world entrances? I think that especially on an RP-PVP server, this could make for an enjoyable experience, forcing both more random world PVP and RP encounters. On a server like Ravenholdt, isn't that what we're here for?
Welcome to the realm, fellow gnome!

Best of luck in your travels!
*goes long*

I will catch you, little gnomes!

I want the full set for my cabinet of gnomes!!!
Welcome Nom! Nom Nom Nom

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