We Can't Seem to get Mage/Rogue to Work!

Alright, i want to start by saying I am in no way claiming to be a pro, and the data will back that up (17-17 2's M/R... >.>) but I don't think I'm a bad player either. Same goes for my partner. We both know our class, we know what kind of CC we have, we know how to set up CC trains, we know what DR's itself, what spells I do that DR his spells, vice versa. We know the right times to blow our defensives, we know the tricks of our individual classes.

We are fairly new to Arena. We started playing around with arena a lot around the start of S10, gearing up and whatnot. We began seriously trying for rating once S11 started. We played a FrostDK/HolyPally to almost 1900 (I think ~1864).

First question: If me and my rogue friend were full cata... would that make a world of difference? I mean I realize I do have 2 Vicious rings, and a Vicious neck, which should be replaced by the end of today with ruthless, but should we be having this much trouble with full ruthless?

2nd Q: Does anyone have a link to, or is able to tell us what kind of CC trains, damage output combinations a rogue and a mage can have? Like should I pop my trinket, clones, icy veins coming out of invis while he pops his damage CDs and we just blow up our kill target in a smoke bomb?

So, again, we don't feel as if we are particularly bad players, and we want to get bette,r much better, we want to strive for 2k+ rating in 2's/3's but for now I don't feel we have that. Is it just an experience thing? Do we not have the right stuff? Are we playing our comp wrong? These are the things we ask each other every night in skype before we log off, and I just want to know what help we can get to be better arena players.

Thanks to anyone who can help, in advance. :)
If u guys are in s9/10 gear your at a massive disadvantage, but if your lining up cc and burst correctly (on the right target), u shouldnt have that hard of a time. keep in mind tho ur facing players with far more resil than even an fc had in s9.

Blowing cds early is going to be comp dependant. obv u dont want to blow everything on a comp w hpal or disc that hasnt used there def cds yet. in a disc + lock team, if the disc has the hp trink & healthstone he can blow those 2 with a desperate prayer + PoM and jump from 30 to 100% in one gcd, basically washing your offensive cds. obv a pally can bubble through it.
I would run BGs and gear up as much as you can with those. If you and your rogue partner work together you can gear up quickly.

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