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05/12/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Defilement
Ok I turned it off, and it still didn't help the low frames. Another thing I noticed is that the frames never stabilize. What I mean is, on my old computer the framerate would always stay pretty even, unless something extreme happened or what not, it would always stay around 28-32 fps in cities. But now on my new comp, it will tank to 30, shoot up to 80, tank to 50, down to 40 and shoot back up to 60 then back down to 30 etc. all within a span of 2-3 seconds. This doesn't stop, and just continually happens.


Latest drivers, I assume.

Did you properly plug in both of PCI-E power plugs to the graphics card, firmly? I think it might not be getting proper juice.

I would also check the temperature. Download HWMonitor and report both CPU and GPU temperature with WoW in true windowed mode, not minimized.
Yeah, the "suite" includes everything including the drivers.
The temperature looks working as intended. The system doesn't seem to be functioning at the full power still.

Can you download GPU-Z as well, then turn to the sensors? Let's see if GPU is working full time, or is not doing so. Leave the game running while this is happening.
Just zip it then upload it to somewhere like Mediafire
Yeah, it's weird. GPU is barely doing any work at all. Much lower than it should be.

Uninstall all Catalyst drivers cleanly, and try out this beta driver:
I'm pretty sure surge protector has nothing to do with it.

Not everyone has the same experience with the same drivers. You can see tons of people complaining about the latest drivers as you will see people go "it's totally fine for me".

It's free.
The GPU is definitely working lot harder now, about in the range of expected work. Previously, GPU was only working about 20%; now it's averaging 50%.

But FPS hasn't changed at all?

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