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I see the GPU working as hard as 70% here.


Download SC2 Starter Edition and see how the FPS seems (you can have AI vs AI I believe), or any other F2P / trial-enabled games.
Any ideas on a good computer between the overkill and the second to last one? I'm trying to get the best value top of the line. I might build it from one of the sites because I don't know if I'll handle being able to put it together. Thanks for your time kal. I've been looking over your thread and various other computer threads and you put a lot of time into helping people out. You need some MVP status :p
You can mix and match the parts from those two PCs, based on what is the most important factor for you. For example, if you want the best gaming CPU and want to OC it, I would get the i5-3570K + a Z77 motherboard (while keep the rest as it is with second to last one). If you just want the graphical oomph, you could stay with the second to last one, but get a better graphics card. Etc.
Yeah I just want to make sure that I don't cheap out on the wrong part. I'm not very computer savvy and if I'm going to be spending a bunch of money on a comp then I feel like I might as well spend the couple hundred more to make sure it stays relevant longer. I just don't want to over spend on the most optimized computer ever. If any of that even makes sense.
Dirt 3? With 7870, you should see about the following FPS:
You can go with a laptop with a larger monitor / resolution here, but don't go for ones with 1920x1080 resolution. GPUs here can't cope with them.


Product is deactivated.
Yeah, many of them are. But they serve as an example though still. I have yet to find an alternative with same features, so if you find one, I can put the link up in front.
05/13/2012 12:26 PMPosted by Kalganized
Yeah, many of them are. But they serve as an example though still. I have yet to find an alternative with same features, so if you find one, I can put the link up in front.

believe that should be good enough for that section.
Will this power supply

Work with all of the GTX 670 models? I'm mainly wondering about the ASUS model.

Edit: Also, when going from an AMD chipset to an Intel chipset, do I need format my HDD? If so, is there any way to keep the files from my HDD, so I don't have to re-do everything. I'm mainly thinking like little files and addon settings for WoW.

The power supply will be fine. I don't see any problem there.

I would reformat hard drive just in case. But its not really required.
In an interesting side note, the Ivy Bridge temperature anomaly has been discovered:

It's the !@#$ty thermal grease used by Intel between the core and the IHS. GG
Is this build ok? Anything I should have/could downgrade to save money?
Don't need to get "maximum speed fans" or whatever. Default fans on 912 is powerful enough, and runs quiet.

Are you going to overclock that i5-3570k? You do not need 'tuning protection plan' for the CPU unless you are going for an extreme overclock.

Don't buy that 40 GB Intel 320 'caching SSD' thing. If you are already getting an SSD as a main drive, that is absolutely worthless.

For the level of hardware it comes with, it is severely overpriced. If you built your own with similar level of parts, it should be about 200~300$ cheaper.
I was planning on overclocking. meant to select 20% overclock. I just don't know if I built it if it would come out ok. lol.
Don't pay more for them to overclock. You can do this very easy. I really mean it. SUPER easy.
And since you aren't going for any extreme overclock, you don't need the protection plan either.
Do you have USB sticks? you could use that to backup key documents. You can also use DVD burners to burn big files (like collection of movies or whatever) too.

Format formats all. You can't selectively choose.
was it just expensive because of the mouse and keyboard i got? I wasn't sure if you realized I had bought a couple other things besides the comp.

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