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I'm in the home stretch of building a new desktop- just need to buy the CPU and motherboard.
Could you explain to me why you recommended the i5-3430 (I assume that's a typo and you mean 3450 because I can't find 3430 on newegg or microcenter) over the i5-3550 for non-overclocking?
Is there any reason why someone would want to buy a cpu cooler if he/she is not overclocking? The reason I ask is because this computer will need to move between my dorm and my house every few months (an hour-long drive) and I've heard that the heatsink fan could put pressure on the motherboard while driving. If it was potentially worth it to get a fan that was shorter or something I'd jump on that.
Finally, I really like the design of the HAF 912, but the unmitigated black color scheme is rather drab. This case is something that I hope to be looking at for a long time, so I'd want to look less like a generic case and more like a case that belongs to Tango. Do I have any options for personalizing the case after it's been delivered?
Wow, I cannot believe I didn't notice that mistake yet! Yes, you are correct, the CPU is i5-3450.

There is virtually zero difference between the 3450 and 3550. Few hundred megahertz will not be felt at all in gaming or everyday tasks.

Only reason why someone would still want a CPU cooler despite not overclocking is if he or she is living in a hot, humid area.

There are low-profile heatsink+fan combos out there that won't kill your motherboard during transportation. Would you like a recommendation?

No, sadly. You do not have to get HAF 912 though, look around and find a design you like, and ensure it comes with good features like at least 2 case fans, SSD bracket, etc.
Ah, thanks for the clarification. I do live in northern Louisiana, is that humid enough? And yes, I would like a recommendation.
What he means by hot and humid area is how the temperature of your room normally is. If your room is too hot (regardless of weather outside) then yes you may want to purchase a cpu cooler but I really haven't seen the need to buy a cooler just because a room is too hot. Temperature in my room tends to hit 80F, since it doesn't have Air conditioning and my computer has been just fine.
Here is an example low-profile CPU cooler:

This weighs 410g, in comparison, a Hyper 212+ (not even the heaviest of the tower coolers) weigh 580g.

If you are going to drive with your PC inside, lay it flat on the side (which side I shouldn't have to mention).
Bad choice. 10K RPM drives are very expensive, and with the advent of SSD, you are way better off just buying an SSD for the OS / programs, and a cheap hard drive for all the data files.

What is the computer you are buying, by the way?
Looks good to me.

Yeah, throw in a quality SSD (like Intel 520), then buy a cheap 2TB 5900/5400RPM drive to stash all the music, movie, other games, etc.
Is this PSU overkill for an i5-2500k and 560 Ti build? I had the Silencer MK III 500W for $80, this seemed worth the upgrade for $10 more.
Which power supply? the 600W version of it?
I forgot to post the link.
Not overkill, but it does have 1x 6-pin, 1x 6+2 pin configuration. I would consider 600W version of Silencer MK III instead.
I has updated motherboard and example builds list!
Hey Kalganized just wanted to thank you for all of the effort you have put into this thread and all the rest asking questions about builds.... great source of info.

I was wondering if you could make a suggestion for a 750$ price range... not including monitor, keyboard, and mouse of course.

This will be my first "real" build. I have done just repairs on computers before, but I am confident enough. Hope you can make a good suggestion for this price range!
If you take my build 3 (just under 1k), then remove the SSD, that will fit that price range.

Alternatively, you can take the build 2, then add an SSD.

Difference is, build 3 will have higher FPS in CPU-bound games like WoW raids/cities than build 2. However, build 2 + SSD will load WoW a lot faster, and Windows will boot SUPER fast, and every programs open within seconds.
I'm having trouble finding a monitor. Which of these 2 would you recommend for gaming?

I am leaning towards the Hanns-G since it's a nice price for its specs and it has had good reviews. The ASUS is an IPS and is a reliable brand. Never bought a monitor before so looking for some help. If neither of these are a good buy, could you recommend me one around the mid-high $100 price range?
I would go with an IPS, but do a thorough google search for this model; lower-end IPS monitors tend to have ghosting issues.
Thank you I will look into that.

That is the RAM I am planning on getting, but a lot of reviews talk about the tall heatsinks and the Hyper 212 Plus might have some problems fitting. Planning on getting an Antec 900. Will I have any problems fitting everything into the case?
Yes, I always tell people to be wary of buying that Vengeance RAM because of the CPU cooler issue. This is not reliant on the computer case, but rather, motherboard and the CPU cooler.

Get something else. There are low-profile Vengeance RAM too.

Otherwise, it should be all OK.

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