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About the same, or a little more, but offset massively by very expensive shipping cost on pre-built PCs
The hard drive firmware is applied within Windows, or you can also choose to burn an ISO on the CD then boot from it. For safety purposes, I would go with the ISO route.

As for the shipping cost, I would say about $50 in difference.

Can you list (sorry, once again) the parts you have right now? I can try to compare it.
So the total cost of your computer so far is:


If you were to buy a hard disk, that would add $100
If you were to buy a DVD drive, that would add $19

Total would then be: ~$740

A similar configuration I've done through CyberPowerPC gives me bout $930 with shipping and handling included.
Oh, forgot to add in RAM, but still below $800.
There is pretty much no benefits to getting a new DVD drive. Unlike few other hardware parts, optical drives pretty much reached its zenith a long time ago.
ofc i get inside to find out the harddrive is this,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1366&bih=661&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=18323598438770846345&sa=X&ei=s0GkT6-1BZOK6QHxt5CjCQ&ved=0CHkQ8wIwAg hunk of junk i assume so what hard drive should i get
* Kelcici:

That's not the hard drive. D:
But if you want to be "safe", you can buy one like the one I recommended on the last page to Breadisfunny, a 1TB drive for $100.

* Breadisfunny:

Not a whole lot. Probably $200 something at maximum.
Don't wear the usual clothing types that can cause static electricity, like wooly clothing.
You can also not wear socks, and wear shoes as normal.

Always touch metallic side of the computer case or power supply before you begin.
found em i hard 2 of these in here will these work? or must i buy a new one
Non-polyester / wool shirt should do well. Normal jeans work fine too.

By touching the metallic side of the computer case, you discharge the static electricity built up to it, so it would be safe to work on unless you forcefully try to generate more static electricity.

* Kelcici:

These are the hard drives you have, are you sure?

In this case, you need a new hard drive as these are old IDE-based and will not work with SATA
yes sadly wana link me to a hard drive thats and alright price i need to buy?
* Kelcici:

If your hard disk used IDE interface, it is very likely your DVD drive is too. Should buy one just to be safe. They only cost like $19: this is one dvd drive i removed and this is the other one do i need new lol

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